“The coolest of the summer theatre festivals.”
–Time Out New York
“An annual celebration of the weird, the wild and the unexpectedly wonderful.”
–The New York Times
“New York’s #1 Summer Theatre Festival”
–New York Magazine
“The Ice Factory Festival has a fine record for presenting intellectually challenging and artistically daring fare.”
The New Yorker 


Ice Factory 2021

23.5° Tilt

The Extremely Grey Line

June 30 – July 3 2021

Death is so pedestrian. It’s almost the same as the alternative: same streets, same meats, same feets and then you look up and you don’t know where you are.

But we’ve provided a guide. Or three.

Come choose your route on the Extremely Grey Line* - take a bicycle, go on foot, or sit yourself comfortably down in the cool and quiet of the Underneath.** There’s no wrong answer.*** We’re all going to the same place, after all. Does it really matter how we get there?

*Some restrictions may apply.

**Underneath Package available only with appropriate documentation. 

***Some restrictions may apply.


Kim Loo Gets a Redo

July 7 -10, 2021
Kim Loo Gets a Redo is an original piece that takes history and shifts the paradigm to the AAPI perspective. Lisa Helmi Johanson and Kimberly Immanuel take the audience through their personal reflections on the intertwining of the lesser-known history of the Kim Loo Sisters and the erasure of AAPI women both past and present. With reimagined multi-instrumental arrangements of 1930’s and 1940’s tunes, original music performed both pre-recorded and live, percussive tap dance, and spoken word, this genre-crossing piece aims to reclaim agency lost.

Al Límite Collective

Liminal Archive

July 14- 17 2021
Liminal Archive is an immersive theatrical experience that guides audiences through intimate moments of isolation experienced by artists as they traverse the unknown during the early days of the pandemic. Liminal Archive began as an open-source platform, providing a cultural exchange where international artists could collaborate together during a lockdown and mass uprisings, and it has collected more than 40 artworks, including music, digital art and theater. Al Límite has curated these offerings into a 40-minute odyssey of live performances, projections and audio journeys where we venture through the past, the present, and find our way together into the future.


As the Sun Sets

July 21 – 24, 2021
What does radical Black love look like in the midst of racism? How do we find love when it is a fight to simply exist? As the Sun Sets explores how Black people can find happiness and joy in the middle of Sundown Towns, which are predominantly white spaces that are unsafe for them to exist in. As the Sun Sets is a visual representation of Black stories thus celebrating how radical Black love has and will always flourish even in the midst of violence.

Teatro Dallas

A Grave is Given Supper

July 28 – 31, 2021
A Grave Is Given Supper is a Narco-Acid Western written in a series of interlinked poems by Mike Soto. One actor, Elena Hurst, embodies three characters in this multi-media production which merges Acid-Western film with Social Realism. Traditional dance, Nortec music, pre-Hispanic rituals, and video projections, bring to life the story of Topito and Consuelo, two lovers whose paths converge in El Sumidero, a fictional US/Mexico border town where an ongoing drug war rages. The surreal verse of Soto’s poems, infused with rituals of love and loss, explores the complicated desires of people living in the borderland.

In Tandem Lab


August 4 – 7, 2021
A woman leaves an inheritance. Two younger women who have apparently no relationship with each other are receiving it if they create something together. Excavating the drawings and short stories of an artist, these two women will stop living arrested by their unknown past and come out of isolation by giving life to a woman's story. How can we start telling the stories written in our genes and passed from one generation to another? Inspired but the female characters of Shakespeare's Tempest, Herstory attempts to write an intimate take on revenge, isolation, and the personal prisons we all must overcome.

One-Eighth Theatre & IRT Theater

My Onliness

August 11 – 14, 2021
A Mad King performs his royal power as an act of martyrdom, in a desperate attempt to impress a mysterious petitioner. While a Master of Ceremony orchestrates songs of torture, truth, and tenderness. (The poor Writer is simply collateral damage!) Is this a glimpse of our dystopian future? Or just the structure of human consciousness? An homage to Stanislaw Witkacy and his theories of “pure forms in theatre”. Performed with ASL interpretation.

New Neighborhood

Endless Loop of Gratitude

Jun 30 – Aug 14, 2021
In a culture that can reduce the most profound feelings to blithe hashtags, Endless Loop of Gratitude is an interactive installation that encourages participants to go deeper. What is gratitude? How do you experience it? Is it innate or conditioned? Is it possible to be grateful to someone who has harmed you? How can it be weaponized? When does gratitude become indebtedness? Endless Loop of Gratitude invites participants up to the microphone to reflect on the people, places, and events that have impacted their own lives: what are you really grateful for?
Ice Factory
Ice Factory is generously supported, in part, by grants from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council; the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation; Howard Gilman Foundation; Mental Insight Foundation; and New York Community Trust.

There are no fees to participate in ICE FACTORY.

Productions from companies and artists based in the U.S. will be given preference.

During Ice Factory, each participating company receives:

  • Three days of exclusive technical rehearsals in the space: Sunday – Tuesday.
  • Up to three days of exclusive technical rehearsals in the space.
  • Up to four performances in the space.
  • Use of the New Ohio’s festival rep plot for light and sound.
  • Run crew and production assistance from the Ice Factory Intern Crew.
  • Other project specific needs addressed individually.
  • A guaranteed artist fee.
  • Festival press representation by DARR Publicity.

To apply for ICE FACTORY, use the above to upload a packet that includes:

  • 1 page (max) description of the project. What is the project about? What is the audience’s relationship to the performance?

  • 1 page (max) description of where you are in your process and your plans for the project beyond IF.

  • 1 page (max) on the background on your company and/or bios of the lead artists

  • Photos, press, and links to video of previous work  (Or links to websites.)

Your packet should all be in one document in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.

Do NOT submit a script.  We will request a script if necessary.




Performance dates and times vary from show to show.

ICE FACTORY 2022 is the 29th annual edition of our Obie Award-winning summer festival of new work. Artists and companies interested in participating in Ice Factory 2021 should submit their applications by January 16, 11:59 PM EST.

Every summer we invite the most exciting downtown companies to present their latest projects in an environment of generosity, dialogue, and inspiration. Ice Factory is a place where artists can take risks, try out new ideas, and bring their projects to a new level.

Plays introduced in Ice Factory have gone on to garner Drama Desk nominations, Obie Awards, Audience First Awards in Edinburgh, Off-Broadway productions, commercial runs, and national and international tours.