On the Cranial Nerves of Barbarians II: A Carp Sanctuary

July 12 – 15, 2023

Created by PPL
Conceived and Co-directed by Esther Neff, Noah Ortega, 3dwardsharp, with Thea Little, Jessica Bathurst, Irina Varina, and Mia Destiny.

Operating as a practical philosophy of mind, PPL’s new operetta draws on social research and stages live experiments, pitching AI-processed perversions of German avant-garde political theatre alongside expressionist debates as to whether to give sanctuary to the souls of the barbus L catfish (a type of carp), who both perished in the dissection practices of Büchner and Freud and currently clog the watersheds of North America. Mental Representation is no more a way of nature than plastic is a perfect food, and anyone who loves consciousness should be ready to perish for it.

Esther Neff & 3dwardsharp & Noah Ortega

photo by John Keon

PPL is a thinktank, organizational entity, and flexible collective founded in 2006 by Esther Neff. Working across theatre, dance, visual arts, philosophy, and music contexts, PPL often uses social research and assembly to devise large-scale and multi-part operas-of-operations. We are dedicated to ethics before ontology and care before capital, orienting operations around and through forms of inquiry.


2022-2023 Season

July 12 – 15

$20 general / $17 students & seniors
75 min
ADA Accessible