The Ohio Theatre is one of downtown's oldest theatres. With its high ceilings, hardwood floors, industrial nooks and crannies, and its landmark loading dock doors, the Ohio Theatre is one of the last of the great converted factory spaces in lower Manhattan.

Founded in 1984 by William Hahn and Charles Magistro, back when Soho was considered a scary neighborhood (scary now for different reasons!), the Ohio Theatre is haunted with the benign spirits of New York theatre history , (including the early works of Tony Kushner, Anne Bogart, and Maria Irene Fornes). Soho Think Tank is the resident at the Ohio Theatre since 1995 under Artistic Director Robert Lyons.

Today, the Ohio Theatre is widely recognized as an indispensable pillar of the downtown theatre scene, both a launching pad and a place to land for this generation's most talented theatre artists.


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59 Greene street, 66 Wooster St


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