September 1-20

Soho Think Tank Presents

Downtown Art Festival

Inside Horizon

Contemporary Poetry

Created by David Bryant, Paul Skiff and Edwin Torres.

Smart Women:

An evening of readings

With C.Carr, Linda Earle, Patricia Jonesm Arlene Raven, Elizabeth Zimmer

Five Wacky Witches

Israeli Masterpiece for Children

By Ronit Chacham

With Mark Nadler, Jane Summerhays and Lumiri Tubo.

The History of Glamour

By Sara Kolowski, Theresa Duncan

The Wandering Archive

By David Nuss, Thurston Moore

Absolute Ensemble

Stravinsky's A Soldier's Tale

Music by Kristjan Jarvi



September 21-October 11

The Forgery


Directed by Erika Yeomans

Featuring Ford Wright,

Casey Spooner,

Amy Galper,

Magica Bottari,

Jeremiah Clancy

Set design by Scott Fulmer

Costumes by Heather Priest

Music by Scott Leuthold

and Lizzy Yoder

October 12-November 8

The Four Horsemen

By Michael Bassett


By Robert Bomgardner

Soaring Underground

By Sandra Kaufmann Dance

Contemporary Lace

by Karen Young

November 9-22

Collision Theory

Time /Bomb

Conceived and Created by

Stephanie GIlman and Kristin Tanzer


Joanna Conway,

Randi GLass,

Kathy Hendrickson,

Moira MacDonald,

Sam Mercer,

Jeffery Morehouse,

Gus Scharr,

Sarah Tancer and

Kristin Tanzer.

Costume by Eden Miller

Set by Stockton Hall

Sound by Bo Bell

Lights by Ryan Schmidt


November 23-December 20

Cucaracha & Outcast Prod

The Moment of Aha

By Leslie Nipkow; directed by Richard Caliban; set design consultant, George Xenos; lighting by Greg MacPherson; sound by Rob Gould; costumes by David M. Barber; stage manager, Susan D. Lange.

WITH: Kathryn Rossetter (Mom), Robert O'Gorman (Dad), Missy Hargraves (Lydia), Sean Runnette (Buzz), Frank S. Palmer (Mark) and Ruth Bauers (Frieda).





January 4-17


Light Cycles

By Doug Merrifield

Video Artist Joel Cadman

COmposer Gordon Green

Choreographer Doug Merrifiels

Shoestring Dancers

Drawn Cargiulo,

Susan Dodge,

Jennifer Chin,

Kazu Nakamura,

and Doug Merrifield



January 18 - February 14

The Windsor Repertory Theatre Co.

Rebel Women

Directed by Alex Lippard


Nicole Haywood

Margot Ebling

Harriet Koppel,

Karla Mason,

Sean Mac Arthur,

James Elmore,

Mark Shelton,

James Shlag,

Patrick Burch,

Chris Hunter,

Michael Anderson

Sean Coleman



February 15-March 21

Target Margin

The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov

Translated by Erika Warmbrunn

Directed by David Herskovits

Featuring Will Badgett, Beresford Bennett, Nicole Halmos, Gretchen Krich, Lenore Pemberton, Steven Ratazzi, Greig Sargeant, T.RYder Smith, Raphael Nash Thompson and Carolyn Vujcec


"The words mesh well with the energy, wit, and honest emotion induced by the director, David Herskovits, who gets stronger in his every outing."
- The New Yorker




March 22-April 25

Adobe Theatre Co.

Mount Vesuvius

By Jay Reiss

Directed by Damon Kiely

With Arthur Aulisi, Henry Caplan, Erin Quinn Purcell, Gregory Jackson, Daniel Pearce, Maggie Siff, Janice O'Rourke

Set design by Matthew Maraffi

Lighting Design by Michael Gottlieb

Sound design by Vicki Davis

"A Brash ingenious young group with a nervy iconoclastic voice"

- Intheatre



April 26-May 16

The Innocent Theatre Co.


by John Kuntz

Bad Seed

by Maxwell Anderson

Directed by John G. Young

" Fantastically funny"

- New York Times




May 24-June 27

Ransom Productions

& C'LD Productions

Noah's Archives

Written by Stephen Spoonamore

Directed by Darcy Marta


Tim Morre, Lydia Fiore, William PEden, Caroline Strong, Lisa Thayer, Lou Carbonneau, Gregory Norman Cruz, Tracy CHristian


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