"To put it bluntly, successful downtown theatre wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for residencies like this."
- Joe Curnutte, The Mad Ones, on the Archive Residency

"The Ice Factory festival -- an annual celebration of the weird, the wild, and the unexpectedly wonderful."
- The New York Times

"The New Ohio's cool curatorial eye always provides a welcome breeze."
- Time Out NY


"Review: HOLDEN Explores the Distance That Killing Requires"
- Claudia La Rocco, NY Times 8/06/2015

"The Upper Room is a NY Times Critics' Pick"
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"Review: Six Rounds of Vengeance"
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"Robot's Have Feelings, Too, And Sing About Them Loudly"
- Christopher Murray, NY Observer 1/18/2015

"[FAMILY PLAY] Top 10 New York Theater of 2014"
- The Advocate 12/17/2014

"Powerhouse is a NY Times Critics' Pick!"
- Andy Webster, NY Times 11/10/2014

"Feather Gatherers Gives a Twist to a Russian Folk Tale"
- Alexis Soloski, NY Times 7/10/2014

"Is The Archive Residency A Secret To Off-Off Broadway Survival?"
- TDF Stages, 5/2014

"Essential Straight & Narrow: NYT Critics' Pick"
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"'You Say You Want a Revolution...' A Glimpse into NYC’s Independent Producing Scene"
- Crystal Skillman, The Brooklyn Rail, 3/2014

"It's Bitesize Captain Kirk: NYT Critics' Pick"
- Eric Grode, NY Times, 1/10/2014

"The Mutilated: Not Quite Laverne & Shirley"
- Charles Isherwood, NY Times, 11/12/2013

"Robert Lyons, stronger than ever: Ice Factory turns 20"
- Culturadar.com, 6/28/2013

Ice Factory 2013 is one of 20 summer shows to see in NYC
- TimeOut NY, 6/12/2013

"ICE FACTORY 2013 is a leap of faith"
- NY Post, 6/26/2013

"PILO is a weird, wild ride!"
- NYTheatre.com, 2/3/2013

Martin Denton anticipates PILO FAMILY CIRCUS
- The Villager, 1/17/2013

Half Straddle Wants to Bring You Some Really Weird Girl Magic
- Village Voice, 1/2/2013

Scott Brown's Top 10 Theater Picks of 2012
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IRT Theater/New Ohio Theatre Launches Residency Program - backstage.com, 10/3/2012

Bulgarian Playwright Lands a N.Y. Premiere
- Wall Street Journal, 9/19/2012

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