September 9 - October 1

New Georges

Comedia del Smartass


Written by Sonya Sobieski
Directed by Jean Randich

Light Designer: Garin Marschall
Sound Designer: Robert Murphy
Set Designer: Sue Rees
Costume Designer: Daniel Urlie
Casting Director: Paul Davis

Jessi Campbell, Jess Hooker, Nurit Monacelli, Debargo Sanyal.



"stellar... one of the most satisfying larks that I've been present for in quite some time"
– nytheatre.com



"Sobieski's writing balances poetic cadence with pubescent mumbles" – The Village Voice'

October 7- 30th

Resonance ensemble

Shakespeare's The Tempest in repertory with La Tempestad


The Tempest

Directed by Victor Maog

Featuring Rashaad Ernesto Green, Daniel Larlham and Orlando Pabotoy.

La Tempestad

by Larry Loebell

Directed by Eric Parness

Featuring Gordon Stanley, Alberto Bonilla, Brian Flegel, Vivia Font, Felipe Javier Gorostiza, Ed Jewett, Lori McNally,
Patrick Melville, Ray A. Rodriguez, Frank Tamez and James T. Ware.



"Rarely, a play captures a historical moment with profound acuity; such a play is Larry Loebell's La Tempestad"

- NewYorktimes



" Eric Parness guides everyone to physical perfs that crackle with life… a gripping drama of ideas."



November 1- 6th

Act French Festival

The Jose Pliya Project


Trapped (Le Complexe de Thénardier)
Directed by Vincent Colin
with Sylvie Chenus and Hyam Zaytoun
Production co-ordinated by Philippa Wehle

For the first time in New York City, the provocative theatre of the widely acclaimed French author



"Le Complexe de Thénardier is a disturbing duel performed by two dazzling and moving actresses"

- Expressmag




November 9- November 20th



White Bird Productions

The Brooklyn Barbie Project


Directed by Michael Schiralli

Featuring Julie Pittman, Lorrie Harrison, Paul Boocock, The Jones Twins and Janice Lowe, Kathryn Dickinson, Kelly Hanson, Cindy Hanson, Stephanie Bok...


An Adult look and stories about Barbie & Ken dolls.




November 23 - December 18

Target Margin


by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by Douglas Langworthy.Directed by David Herskovits


With Will Badgett, Daphne Gaines, David Greenspan
Nicole Halmos, Lian-Marie Holmes
Wayne Alon Scott, Eunice Wong

A short preview of work in progress, as Faust pursues the woman of everyone's dreams, Helen of Troy. Somewhere between Greek Tragedy and Medieval Romance, this chapter of the Faust legend tells a poignant and vivid tale of mature love.


"A great masterwork whose fidelity and excellence are unlikely to be repeated anytime soon."

- The New York Times



December 19-25th

Soho Think Tank presents International Wow's

The Expense of Spirit


Written and directed by Josh Fox

Production Staff:
Lights by Charles Foster
Set by Dave Esler
Sound Board Operator Hamilton Boardman

Featuring: Deborah Wallace, Robert Saietta, Ikuko Ikari, Alanna Medlock, Petre Lettre, Will O’Hare, Nick Jaeger,Thomas Westphal,Zina Anaplioti, Paul Garcia, Ivan Goris, Lee Gundersheimer, Sauda Jackson
Sarah Nedwek, Erin Alexis Randolph, Nicholas Rincon, Pedro Rafael Rodriguez, Vlamyr Viscaya, Jessica Weinstein.



"Extraordinary, breath-taking, an astonishing tour de force...unforgettable"

- NYtheatre.com


" Stunning...Incredible richness and complexity"

- Offoffonline.com





"...Virtuosic.. Powerful..."
        - New York Times

January 7 - 28th

Clubbed Thumb

What Then


Written by Rinne Groff
directed by Hal Brooks

With Andrew Dolan, Meg MacCary, Piter Marek, and Merritt Wever

Set by Jo Winiarski
Costumes by Kirche Leigh Zeile
Lights by Kirk Bookman
Sound by Jill BC Du Boff
Props by Pete Sarafin
Music by Joe Popp
Music Supervised by Mike Errico
Stage Manager Jessica Pecharsky


February 27 - March 26

Soho Think Tank &

Clancy Productions


Written and Directed ByObie Award Wining John Clancy

With Mike McShane , Nancy
Walsh , Jody Lambert, Matt Oberg, and Dave Calvitto.

"Make room for FATBOY. Meaner than Stalin, hungrier than Idi Amin, deadlier than Pol Pot, he is the grotesque
composite of every despot who ever lived...he is also savagely funny."

- Village Voice


"...highly entertaining...knockabout satire...John Clancy's absurdist indictment of the American appetite for power, violence and generally more of everything...a comedy that in the end, demands that you stop laughing."

- The New York Times

March 27-April 30th

Rude Mechanicals

Little Willy

Written by Mark Kassen

Directed by John Gould Rubin

With Mark Kassen and Roxanna Hope.

Set&costume design by Clint Ramos, Lighting Design by Nicole Pearce, Sound design by Elizabeth Rhodes.

     Willian Patrick.Patriot.

       Entrepreneur. Hitler's Nephew.



May 6-May 28th

The Talking Band


Written by Lisa D'Amour, Ellen Maddow, Lizzie Olesker, Paul Zimet
Direction: Anne Kauffman,Melissa Kievman


With David Brooks, Andy Davis, Gibson Frazier, Ian Holloway, Suli Holum, Jodi Lin, Ellen Maddow, Katie Pearl, Tina Shepard and Paul ZImet.
Sets: Anna Kiraly
Lights: Mark Barton
Costumes: Olivera Gajic
Choreography: Johanna Meyer






- Nytheatre.com


May 31st- June 24th

Clubbed Thumb

Summerworks '06

I Have Loved Strangers
by Anne Washburn
directed by Johanna McKeon



Alice the Magnet
by Erin Courtney
directed by Pam MacKinnon



by Rachel Hoeffel
directed by Kip Fagan








Soho Think Tank

Ice Factory '06

Concrete Temple
People Can Run
The Team

Ripe Time

Big Time Action


"Achtung Grimm!"
Particularly in the Heartland
The Flight of Icarus Betrothed
The Jaded Assassin



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