May 1983

Body Parts

By Paul Selig

Directed by Jennifer McGray

With Frederick Allen, Daivd Combs, Lynnie Godfrey, Helen Hanft, WInnie Holzman, KEvun McGuire, JErry Pavlon, KEvin Sessums

December 1983

Ohio Olympic Occasion


March 1984


Ice Station Zebra

Written and Directed by Susan Mosakowski

Featuring Karla Barker, Michelle Elliman, David Finck, Matthew Maguire, Michael Ryan.




April 1984


The Commie Stories

Written and Directed by Susan Mosakowski

Featuring David Finck, Brian Buckley, Joanne Munisteri, Nicky Paraiso, Mary Schultz.




March 1984

June 1985



Mental Flavoured

Martha Carter and Dancers

November 1985

Calk Hook Dance

Goodfellow's Dilemna

Directed by Wendy Shankin

Choregraphy by Doris Seiden and Wendy Shankin

Featuring Doris Seiden



Project III Ensemble Theatre


With Jonathan Baker, RIcharg Long, Cordelia Richards, Tom Delling, J.P Moholt, John Siemens, Steven Haworth, kristin Moneagle, Robin Siemens.


March 1987

Project III

Shepard's Angel City in repertory with Bulgakov's Bliss

Directed by Charles Otte and David Petrarca






Catlin Cobb & Dancers

Inventing the everyday

Featuring Margaret Albertson, Tina Dudek, KEith Glasman, Valerie Gutwirth, Nancy Sakamoto, Nadine Tringali,

Andrew Wollowitz


September-October 1988

Project III

Dream Conspiracy

Written and Directed

by Robert Lyons

With Franca Barchiesi, Elizabeth Bonsal, Don Crozier, Laura Curley, Neil Larson, William D.Michie




May 1992

Project III

Vater Knows Best

Conceived by Robert Lyons and Jeffrey Johnson




May 1993


Project III

The Naked Anarchist

Written by Robert Lyons

Directed by Tracy Brigden

Featuring Elizabeth Bonsal, Tito Enriquez, Neil Larson, Sergio Maciel, Veronica Caldwell, Dj Mendel, Kellu Munn, Andrew Palmer, Maggie-MEg Reed, Jody Sperling, Susanna Szperling Mark Wolff, Nami Yamamoto







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