OHIO Theatre

Season 2008/09


September 5-27

The Invitation

Word Monger Productions

Written by Brian Parks

Directed by Obie Award-wining director John Clancy

Production Staff :

Set & Costume Design Rose Howard, Heather E.Sehrt

Lighting Design Eric Southern

Graphic Design Adam Saucy

Graphic Design Chris Sorensen

Featuring :

David Calvitto

Leslie Farrell

Katie Honaker

Paul Urcioli

Evan van Dok




October 2-19

Chekhov Lizardbrain

Pig Iron Theatre

Written by Robert Quillen camp & The Ensemble

Directed by Dan Rothenberg

Production Staff :

Asst. Director Alex Torra

Lighting Design James Clotfelter

Set Design Anna Kiraly

Sound Design Nick Kourtides

Costume Design Olivera Gajic

Properties Design & crew Rachel Moffat

Asst. Set Designer & Scenic Painter Milena Velis

Production Manager Sarah Chandler

Stage Manager Katie Driscoll

Asst. Stage Manager Nick Benacerraf

Asst. Production Manager Emily Rea

Audio Engineer Greg Bosley

Technical Directors Joanna Greene

Master Elictrician Peter Escalada-Mastick

Rehearsal asst. Ben Camp

Scenic Painter Lisi Stoessel

Featuring :

James Sugg

Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel

Dito Van Reigersberg

Geoff Sobelle




October 25- November 16


International WOW company

Written & directed by Josh Fox

Dramaturgy by Morgan Jeness

Production Staff :

Set Design Nicolas Locke

Sound Design Josh Fox

Video Design Liquid Lux Works

Dramatic Karaoke Design & Concept Sanford Wintersberger

International WOW presents a Simulated War Deployment experience in three acts, an interactive theater event which simulates the training, deployment to Irq and return of a platoon of soldiers, experienced and enacted by the audience of the show each night. Upon arrival, the audience is issued boots, a uniform and a replica M-4 rifle.



"A Masterful achievement on all fronts! Remarkable!"

-NY Theater Wire

"Hallucinatory... profound"

-NY Times

"Unlike anything I have ever heard of in theater or anyplace" -nytheatre.com





Dance Dance Revolution

Les Freres Corbusier

Directed by Alex Timbers

Production Staff :

Choregraphy by Danny Mefford

Songs by Gary Adler and Phoebe Kreutz

Scenic Design by Donyale Werle

Costume Design Emily Rebholz

Lighting Design Justin Townsend

Sound Design Jeremy J.Lee

Stage Manager Andrea Wales

Les Freres Corbusiers transforms the Ohio Theater into a fully immersive, bombed-out discotheaue as we fuse ummerciful Japanese rave music with deeply regrettable sophomoric conedy in this one-of-a-kind, futuristic dans spectacular Dance Dance Revolution.





10 blocks on the Camino Real

Target Margin

Written by Tennessee Williams

Directed by David Herskovits

Production Staff :

Scenic & Lighting Designer Lenore Doxsee

Costume Designer Asta Bennie Hostetter

Musical Director David Rosenmeyer

Stage Manager Jacqueline Prats

Featuring :

Purva Bedi

Satya Bhadha

Curt Hostetter

McKenna Kerrigan

Dara Seitzman

Raphael Nash Thompson

Never-before seen in New York! In 1948 Elian Kazan first workshopped these scenes at the Actors Studio, and that work grew into the legendary Camino Real. Much more than a preliminary sketch, this one-act play captures the essence of Williams' dreamlike meditation on alienation, beauty and death.


"Target Margin is a company as visceral as it is cerebral"

-The Guardian

"It provides aan interesting look at the writer's process. Thanks to Target Margin for bringing it to light."


"David Herskovits has mounted a lively and energetic staging at The Ohio Theatre..."

-The New York Times






Red-haired Thomas

Soho Think Tank

Written by Robert Lyons

Directed by Olivier Butler

Production Staff:
Amanda Rehbein
Mike Riggs
Sydney Maresca
Nathan Leigh
Mariana Carbonell
Danny Beiruti
Alan Benditt
Bill Coelius
Nicole Raphael
Danielle Skraastad

Featuring :

Danny Beiruti

Alan Benditt

Nicole Raphael

Danielle Skraastad

Peter Sprague

His daughter doesn’t need him. His wife might leave him. His newspaper vender might just kill him.
A gambler's darkly comic, spiraling descent into a paranoid mythology of power-point presentations and hostage videos.Can Thomas Jefferson save him? (With songs)

"Intelligent, engaging and absolutely frehs." -Backstage






















Angela's Mixtape

New Georges

Written by Eisa Davis

Directed by Liesl Tommy

Production Staff:

Artistic Director Susan Bernfield

Associate Director Sarah Cameron Sunde

Production stage manager Ryan Raduechel

Asst. stage manager Danielle Teague-Daniels

Asst. Directo Colette Robert

Production Manager Mark Sitko

Box Office Lauren Joseph

Technical director Steve Lorick



Kim Brockington

Denise Burse

Eisa Davis

Ayesha Ngaujah

Linda Powell


Using the rythms of music and memory, Eisa tells the story of a radical upbringing on the dividing line between Oakland and Berkeley, California -- in a family that includes her aunt, professor and activist Angela Davis.

In a hip-hop/theater hybrid for five acotrs. Uses the artfully random structure of a mixtape to tell a story of growing up in Berkeley in the '70s, and her struggle to make her own way in the shadow of an activist family which includes her aunt, Angela Davis.



"Funny! Engaging! Absorbing!"

-New York Times







I Have Been To Hiroshima Mon Amour

Voice & Vision Theater and crossing Jamaica avenue

Written by Chiori Miyagawa

Directed by Jean Wagner




Summer Works 

Clubbed thumb

Various Artists


Written by Gregory Moss

Directed by Davis McCallum

Preicous Little

Written by MAdelein George

Directed by Hal Brooks


Written by Kristin Newbom

Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll





















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