September 4 - October 1

New Georges

Eloise & Ray

By Stephanie Fleischmann

Directed by Alexandra Aron

Featuring Black-Eyed Susan, Chris Payne Gilbert, and Maria Thayer.

Set by Marsha Ginsberg, Music by Miki Navazio, Lights by Diane Fairchild, Costume by Moe Schell.




"...a finely detailed, layered portrait...Aron delineates relationships with sensitivity and visceral physicality... everything comes together in the authentically realized denouement, which reverberates with the layered sorrows of Eloise."

– The Village Voice

October 11- November 4

Adobe Theatre Co.

Orpheus and Eurydice

Written and directed by Jeremy Dobrish

WITH: Arthur Aulisi , Jeremy Brisiel , Vin Knigh, Kathryn Langwell, Andrew Elvis Miller, Erin Quinn Purcell, Adam Smith and Jennifer Ward.

sets by Matthew E. Maraffi; lighting by Michael Gottlieb; costumes by Meganne George; original music, Lewis Flinn; sound by Chris Todd; choreography by Erin Quinn Purcell; video design, J. Mole.


"Young, smart...

filled with comic pleasures."

- New York Times



Nov 25-December 10

Ping Chong & Co.

Secret History

As part of his Undesirable Elements series

conceived and directed by Ping Chong in collaboration with Trinket Monsod (Philippines), Vaimoana Niumeitolu (Tonga), Hiromi Sakamoto (Japan), Tania Salmen (Lebanon/Venezuela), Patrick Ssenjovu (Uganda), and Cherry Lou Sy (Philippines/China). The video version of Secret History was directed by Hiromi Sakamoto



"The cumulative power of these shared stories is nothing short of astonishing."

- Village Voice

"Ping Chong creates a tremendous

tapestry of lives."
—Tad Simons, Twin Cities Reader


December 11-24

The Undermain Theater

Tales of Swedish Woe

By Erik Ehn

Directed by Bruce DuBose

Featuring  Nick Brisco, Marina Celander, Cameron Cobb
James Garver, Newton Pittman, Julie Plumettaz

Composer Bruce DuBose
Lighting Designer Suzanne Lavender
Set Designer Robert Winn
Costume Designer Happy Yancey
Video Designer Katherine Owens



"The Undermain Theatre continues to stage the most
consistently exciting and unusual theater…"

-The Dallas Morning News



January 25-February 24

Target Margin

Dido, Queen of Carthage

by Christopher Marlowe
Directed by David Herskovits

with Will Badgett, Rinne Groff, Nicole Halmos, Adrian LaTourelle, Rizwan Manji, Mary Neufeld, Steven Ratazzi, Greig Sargeant, Abigail Savage and Douglass Stewart

Set Design: David Zinn
Lighting Design: Lenore Doxsee
Costume Design: Kaye Voyce

Sound Design: Tim Schellenbaum




"Througout nine previous seasons this company has displayed a love of improbable combinations in theater. This production, opening its 10th year, is an achievement.”

New York Times


March 04-March 25

Synapse Productions


By Sophie Treadwell

Directed by Ginevra Bull

Cast: Jessica Claire, Richard Kohn, Alison Cimmet ,Dina Comolli, Jerry Della SalIa, Michael Doyle, David Lapkin, David B. Martin, Jack O'Neill and Jacqueline Sydney

Set and Lighting Design: Adrian Jones
Costume Design: Miguel Angel Huidor
Sound Design: Jane Shaw

"If you know the play, you deserve to experience

this production.

If you don't know

the play, you are

unlikely to find

a better production

than this..."
- Talking Broadway



April 1-April 22

Adobe Theater

Hooray for Iceboy

Collaborative effort of the Adobe Theatre Company
Directed by Jeremy Dobrish

Cast: Frank Ensenberger, Arthur Aulisi, Arthur Halpern, Vin Knight, Erin Quinn Purcell, David Slivken

Set Design: Matthew Maraffi
Lighting Design: Michael Gottlieb
Costume Design: Meganne George
Sound Design:Jill B.C. Du Boff Composer/lyricist: Michael Garin
Choreography: Mary Anne Anderson and Erin Quinn Purcell




"...Droll and beautiful..."

- New York Times



April 23-June 10

Rude Mechanicals

Lipstick Traces

Adapted from the Greil Marcus book by Kirk Lynn; directed by Shawn Sides

with David Greenspan, Lana Lesley, Jason Liebrecht, Ean Sheehy, T. Ryder Smith and James Urbaniak

Set Design: Jim Larkin
Costume Design: Rachel Carr
Lighting Design: Heather Carson
Sound Design: Darron L. West


"Smart, spirited... pulsing with verve and ingenuity."

-The New York Times



"Stylish, dangerous fun... A witty, rip-roaring, mad 75 minutes of theater"

-The New York Post


June 15 -July 1

Soho Think Tank Prod.

P.R Man

Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

Produced by Erich Jungwirth for VoiceChair Productions, Inc.

Production Staff:
Sets Scott Laule
Costumes Shelley Norton
Sound Michael Kraskin
Lights Tyler Micoleau
Video Julian Rad

Alison Cimmet
Paula Ehrenberg
Martin Epstein
Susan Rutledge
Chris Henry Coffey
Kevin Elden
James Lorenzo
Thomas Shaw



“a surreal


sex farce…”
- O’Dwyer’s PR Daily






“Purely theatrical pleasures”
- TimeOut NY

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