August 26-October 2nd

Hair of the dog

Secret Bridesmaids' Business

by Elizabeth Cleman
DIrected by Gary Schwartz
with Tamara Lovatt-Smith, Deb Crisford, Jen Apostolou, Jeremy Waters, Emily Vacchiano, Victoria ROberts

The John Wayne Principle
By Tony McNamara
Directed by Rosemary
With James M. Larner, Raphael Fetta, Guy Mandic, Kathryn Alexander, Jessamyn Blakeslee, Jay Riedl










"McNamara's is a talent worth keeping an ear out for"
- The Independent.

Now Big in Australia!

October 10 - October 17

Savage Acts

by Kia Corthron, Jorge Ignacio COrtinas, Han Ong, Sung Rno
Directed by Ralph B. Pena
with Jeanine T.Abraham. Jesse Bernstein, Ron DOmingo, Piter Marek, Orlando Pabotoy, Sophia Skiles, Aaron Yoo
Design by Sarah Lambert, Justin Townsend, Carol Bailey, Fabian Obispo, Schele Williams





They longed to be just like everyone else but nothing could tame the beasts lurking inside...

October 28-31st

International Wow Company
Will we not return? Death of Nations, Part II

Conceived and directed by Josh Fox



"Adventurous. Chilling. Stunning"
- NY Times




As part of International WOW Company's four part play cycle. Each chapter explores a particular country (USA, Thailand, Argentina, and Iraq)

November 3-21st

Pig Iron
Hell meets Henry Hallfway

Based on Witold
Gombrowicz's novel Possessed.
by Adriano Shaplin
Directed by Dan Rothenberg

Featuring Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel, Steve Cuiffo, Bel Garcia, Sarah Sanford, James Sugg, and Dito van Reigersberg.
Set, Matt Saunders; lighting, Sarah Sidman; costumes, Miranda Hoffman; sound, Bill Moriarty and James Sugg; original score, Shaplin and Sugg

Barrymore Award 2005
(Sound Design)
Obie Award 2004
(Special Citation)




“The paradoxical thing about anarchy is that it takes discipline to pull off — and Dan Rothenberg's direction is, above all, disciplined… No matter how bizarre the dramatic events, a unifying company style (think George Romero apprenticing under George Abbott) keeps the action grounded.”
— Variety





“Absurd, unbalancing and exhilarating, Hell Meets Henry Halfway is a Tilt-a-Whirl of a show that leaves you dizzy and means to.”
— The New York Times


December 1-24th

International Wow

The Expense of Spirit

Written and Directed by Josh Fox


Featuring: Deborah Wallace, Robert Saietta, Ikuko Ikari, Alanna Medlock, Petre Lettre, Will O’Hare, Nick Jaeger,Thomas Westphal,Zina Anaplioti, Paul Garcia, Ivan Goris, Lee Gundersheimer, Sauda Jackson
Sarah Nedwek, Erin Alexis Randolph, Nicholas Rincon, Pedro Rafael Rodriguez, Vlamyr Viscaya, Jessica Weinstein.




“The expense of spirit in a waste of shame/ Is lust in action…” Shakespeare, Sonnet 129

"Extraordinary, breath-taking, an astonishing tour de force...unforgettable"
- NYtheatre.com

" Stunning...Incredible richness and complexity"
- Offoffonline.com






"...Virtuosic.. Powerful..."
- New York Times

January 8-February 5th



conceived and directed by Rachel Dickstein, adapted by Ms. Dickstein with Emily Morse

Original Music and Sound by Katie Down
Set Design by Susan Zeeman Rogers
Lighting Design by Tyler Micoleau
Costume Design by Ilona Somogyi


In collaboration with the ensemble: Margot Ebling, LeeAnne Hutchison, Paula McGonagle, Grant Neale, Christopher Oden, Andy Paris, and Jill A. Samuels







“Ms. Dickstein artfully draws the audience into a mesmerizing mood piece composed of seamless vignettes . . . . . ravishing moments . . . stunning visuals . . . pure visual entertainment. . . . Dickstein is a maverick illusionist.”
- New York Times



“A dazzling achievement!




The Village Voice





February 13, March 5th

Les Freres Corbusier


Conceived by Juliet Cha, David Morris and Alex TImbers

Written and Directed by Alex Timbers

Design by Douglas J. Cohen
Katherine Profeta,Anne Davison,David Evans Morris
Juliet Chia,Jenny Mannis, Bart Fasbender,Jacob Pinholster.

Featuring Virginia Callaway, Matthew DeVriendt, Simon Feil, Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum, Nina Hellman, Shareefah Hamilton, Scott Hoffer, Ryan Karels, Leslie Klug, Daniel Larlham, Brian McTaminey, Max Miner, Liz Meriwether, Ian Oldaker, Keith Price, John Summerour, Mary C. Wilson



"Clever, slickly produced and consistently entertaining... An all-out attack on the senses... A delightfully good time."

- New York Times






"Les Freres' improbable cocktail of history, ideas, and erudite jokes goes down fast and easy... Driven by director Alex Timbers' inventive whimsy, the group offers a tour de force of ironic pageantry, fueled by pox-on-your-houses political indignation and plenty of smartass humor..."

- Village voice


Named Top 10 of 2005 by Time Out New York and the New York Daily News
Nominated for an American Theatre Wing Hewes Design Award (Best Video Design)

March 17-April 30th

Target Margin

Faust in Love

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated by Douglas Langworthy. Directed by David Herskovits.

with David Greenspan, Nicole Halmos, George Hannah, Wayne Alon Scott, Kendra Ware, and Eunice Wong
Set Design: Carol Bailey and Susan Barras
Lighting Design: Lenore Doxsee
Costume Design: Kaye Voyce









May 8-28th

Clubbed Thumb


100 Aspects of the Moon
by Ethan Lipton
directed by Emma Griffin



Madame Killer
by Honour Kane with Diana Kane
directed by Wier Harman



Dearest Eugenia Haggis
by Ann Marie Healy
directed by Melissa Kievman


"American playwriting is undergoing something of a renaissance, and Clubbed Thumb is one of the companies at its center.
- New York Press, "Listings: Summerworks 2005"








June 4- 25th


Little Suckers

Directed by Jessica Davis-Irons

by Andrew Irons

With Arthur Aulisi, Ryan Bronz, Erin Quinn Purcell, Maggie Stokley.

Jill BC Duboff (sound), Owen Hughes (lighting), Meganne George (scenic), Becky Lasky (costumes).











" very skillful, very intricate and very intriguing"

- Nytheatre.com


" the set and staging are some of the most gorgeous and efficient I have seen in Off-Off Broadway...daringly innovative"

- Time Out NY


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