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September 20-October 10

Theatre Ten Thousand

Gnaediges Fraeulien

By Tenessee Williams

Directed by Arnold Barkus

Featuring Marty Barto,

Nancy Castle,

Patti Chambers,

John Howard,

Sam Chan,

William Demaniov

" Have you ever see the skeleton of a bird? If you have you will know how completely they are still flying..."

Tenessee Williams


October 11-November 14

New Avenue Theatre Project


Written and Directed by Robert McCaskill

With Brian Armstrong, Viriginia Goff, Grace Morley, Larry Bell, Larissa Kiel, Eddie Pepitone, Peter Bretz, Michael Larson, Celia Schaefer, Alisa Conaboy, Alex Lyras.



November 15-December 19

Adobe Theatre Co.

Poona the F**kdog and Other Stories for Children

By Jeff Goode

Directed by Jeremy Dobrish


Erin Quinn Purcell ,Arthur Aulisi ,Frank Ensenberger, Arthur Halpern, Vin Knight
Kathryn Langwell, Jay Reiss, Jay Rosenbloom
Beau Ruland, David Slivken, Jeremy Briesel
Peter Dinklage, Margaret Howard, Rob Newton
Shaun Powell

Set Design Matthew Maraffi

Lighting Design Michael Gottlieb
Costume Design Bernard Grenier

Music and Lyrics Michael Garin

Sound Design Jill B.C. Du Boff
Choreography Erin Quinn Purcell


January 20 -February 6

The Talking Band

Black Milk Quartet

By Paul Zimet
Directed by Dan Froot

Composer Gina Leishman, Ellen Meadow, Harry Mann, Neal Kirkwood

With Robert Aronson, David Duffield, William Badgett, Dina Emerso, Cecelia Engelhart lopez, Jack Ferver, Marcy Jellison, Ellen Maddow


"Musical one-acts of pure, unadulterated Off-Off Broadway pleasure"

- The Village Voice


February 14-March 12

New Georges

Imagining SHadows

By Juliann France

Directed by Jessica Bauman

Marilyn Alex
Lisa Anne Apatini
Frank Deal
Judith Granite
Garland Hunter
Alexandra Tatarsky

Rachel Nemec Set Designer
Robert Williams Lighting Designer
Christianne Myers Costume Designer
Sheafe Walker Sound Design




"Downtown faves since 1992"

- The Village Voice


March 13-April 16

Adobe Theatre

Drow The Drain

By Stanton Wood

Directed by Paul Zabocki

Featuring Arthur Aulisi, Tami Dixon, Guiesseppe Jones, Janice O'Rourke, Nick Phelps, Molly Renfroe, Zach Shafer

Designed by Chris Jones, Jyle Nogee, Karl A. Ruckdeschel
Chris Todd, Sarah Bittenbender



April 17-May 7

Columbia University

Godard (distant and right)

by Robert Woodruff

With the M.F.A Acting Class of 2000

Melody Bates, Finn Cato, Constance Hall,

Diane J.Holmes, Miranda Hope, Joan Jubett, Jerusha Klemperer, Justine Moore, H.Kevin Opela, Jack Phillips, April Sweeney, Zisan Ugurlu,Claire Wong, Robert Youns and Ken Rus Schmoll.




May 8- June4

Willow Cabin Theater Co.


Translated by Thornton Wilder, from Andre Obey's drama ''Le Viol de Lucrece"

With Linda Powell, David Paluck , John Bolger , Terry Schappert , Robert Harte, Maria Radman and Larry Gleason.

"....Earnest and interesting...From Rome to Shakespeare to Wilder, with a detour through France...A still resonant tale of power and violation "

- New York Times


June 5-25

Clubbed Thumb

Summerworks 2000

Medea Eats
by Adam Bock
directed by Pam MacKinnon

Featuring Gary Brownlee, Lars Hanson, Seth Herzog
Gretchen Lee Krich, Meg MacCary, Rizwan Manji, Kimberly Ross, Maria Striar, John Wellmann, Mather Zickel.




The Doctor of Last Resort
by Rachel Sheinkin
directed by Elizabeth Stevens


The Doctor: Peter J. Crosby
Evelyn: Nicole Halmos
Abel: Ian Helfer
Michelle: Ali Marsh
Jack: Erich Strom




by Ann Marie Healy
directed by Shawn Fagan


C.Andrew Bauer, Jeremy Schwartz, Josh Conklin, Austin Jones, Larissa Kiel
Natasha Price,Sara Sommervold, Matt Wiens


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