September 6-29

New Georges

The Holy Mother of Hadley New York

By Barbara Wiechmann
Directed by Rachel Dickstein

Featuring Alan Benditt, Gary Brownlee, Malachy Cleary, Nicole Halmos, Gretchen Lee Krich, Christopher Mattox, Andrea Maulella, Jlia Prud'Homme, Richard Toth,Maria Striar, Mary Shultz.

Sets by Sarah Edkins

Lights by Lenore Doxsee

Sound by Katie Down

Costumes by Katherine Hampton



"Riveting...a serious and moving study of the persistent human need to believe in a power greater

than us."

- The Westsider




October 17-November 10

Target Margin Theater

Crazy day or The Marriage of Figaro

By Beaumarchais

Directed by David Herskovits

with Rinne Groff, Robert Alexander Owens, Paul Vincent Black, Christy Meyer, Yuri Skujins, Joyce Lee, Kwana Martinez and Alvaro Heinig

Set Design: Emily T. Phillips
Costume Design: Miranda Hoffman
Lighting Design: Josh Epstein
Sound Design: Michael Kraskin and David Herskovits



"In the company's tradition, deliberately wacky.

The cast has a collective way

with deadpan humor."
- The New York Times


"This frisky production... leaves one happily dazed by its visual wit, fine acting and sheer physical energy."

-Time Out


Nov 28-December 22

Adobe Theater Co.

The Eight: Reindeer monologues

By Jeff Goode

Directed by Jeremy Dobrish

with Arthur Aulisi, Jeremy Brisiel, Frank Ensenberger, Vin Knight, Kathryn Langwell, Nina Hellman,
Erin Quinn Purcell, and Mather Zickel.

Set design Steven Capone
Lighting design Michael Gottlieb
Costume Design Erin Quinn Purcell
Sound Design Jill B.C. DuBoff

Stage Manager Annalies Echols


"wickedly topical"
- New York Times


"brisk, funny ...

a nice jolt of fun"
- The New Yorker


January 13-February 12

Clubbed Thumb

The Train Play

Written by Liz Duffy Adams

Directed by Jonathan Silverstein.

Featuring Dan Sturges, Austin Jones, Ami Shukla
Quincy Tyler Bernstine
Keith Davis, Maria Porter
Mark Leydorf, Gibson Frazier, Ryan Shogren

Set Designer: David Morris
Lighting Designer: David Zeffren
Costume Designer: Alysia Raycraft
Sound Designer: Mark Huang


"The Train Play itself is clever, optimistic, and just a little bit disturbing."
- Robert Kent, Digital City




February 8-10

Soho Think Tank

The Mama Dramas

The ironies, longings, and wonders of motherhood.

The Mama Dramas are:

Directed by Robert Lyons

Directed by Rachel Dickstein

Production Staff:
Set & Costumes by
Liz Prince
Sound & Music by
Gina Leishman &
Katie Down
Lights by Andrew Hill
Assist Director & SM
Katrina Bugyaj
Assist SM Melanie Milhorat


" Champagne's poetry burrows under the skin in a way that is elegant and painful... in this comic sight"

- Village Voice



February 15- March 3

Soho Think Tank with Wash & Fold Theatre Project

Cressida Among the Greeks

written by David Foley directed by Sam Buggeln


Drama Desk Nomination!


Featuring Jeremy Brisiel, Katie Byxbe Pessin, Ronald Cohen, Michael McKenzie, Cristine McMurdo-Wallis, Nathan A.Perez, Bryant Richards, Danielle Skraastad, Warren Watson.


Lighting by Farley Whitfield, Sound by Mark Huang, Costumes by Georges Rios


March 9-30

Collision Theory

Dance, my darling, dance

Conceived by Stephanie Gilman and K Tanzer.

Performed by Sarah Davida, Randi Glass, Tsuyoshi Kondo, Moira MacDonald, Jeffery Morehouse, Gus Scharr,

K Tanzer.

Lighting by S.Ryan Schmidt, Costume by Shelley Norton, Set by Shannon Corbin Rednour.



"there is only one terminal dignity-love,

And the story of a love is not important. What is important is that one is capable of love.

It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity."

- Helen Hayes



April 9-28

The Undermain Theatre


By John O'Keefe,

Directed by Katherine Owens

Featuring Tracy Arnold, Bruce DuBose, Cameron Cobb, Suzanne Thomas

Set design by David Evans Morris

Costume design by Happy Yanecy

Lighting Design by Juliet Chia

Sound Design by Andy Cohen.





May 3-25

Clubbed Thumb

Summerworks '02


The Typographer's Dream
by Adam Bock
directed by Drew Barr

Featuring Meg MacCary, Kate Hampton, Tim McGeever



Demon Baby
by Erin Courtney
directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

Featuring Effie Johnson, James Urbaniak, John Wellmann, Nina Hellman, Brian Quirk, Anna Hayman, Abigail Savage


Red Death
by Lisa D'Amour
directed by Anne Kauffman

Featuring Robert Owens, Maria Striar, Mary Shultz, Mel Jurdem, Meghan Love, John McAdams, Meghan Love.


June 1-23

Synapse Productions


By Moira Buffini

Directed by Ginevra Bull

Featuring Chan Casey, Jessica Claire, Jens Martin Krummel, Matthew Maher, Abigail Savage and Jessica Chandlee Smith

Scenic Design by Adrian W.Jones, Costume Design by Kaye Voyce, Lighting Design, Thomas Dunn, Sound by Jane Shaw.

"A remarkable, entertaining comedy...Head downtown to check out the talent explosion!"

- Time Out New York


"...questions raised eloquently in SILENCE, the witty, provocative, splendidly performed prizewinning comedy drama....SILENCE deserves to

be seen"

- The New York Times



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