Halevy / Gelb

February 21-22, 2020

February 18-19, 2020 

co-created by Sharone Halevy and Joshua William Gelb

In an art-scene dominated by ultra-masculine personalities — the Pollocks, Rothkos, De Koonings — Helen Frankenthaler was an irresistible force among abstract expressionists. Her revolutionary technique comes to the stage in this experimental drama with live painting.

A landscape of canvas. A pouring of acrylic. The stench of turpentine. This painstaking process is brought to life by performer/painter Sharone Halevy in this portrayal of young Helen Frankenthaler, whose revolutionary work in color-field painting greatly influenced male-dominant post-war American abstract expressionism. Paint will be spilled in this lyrical new drama set against the backdrop of Frankenthaler’s crumbling relationship with critic Clem Greenberg. 

With: Sharone Halevy, Joshua William Gelb and Serena Ebony Miller
Music: Serena Ebony Miller
Choreography: Katie Rose McLaughlin
Design: Marika Kent
Additional Text: Matthew Minnicino
Stage Manager: Alexis Lapp

Spring 2020
approx. 54 min.
All performances begin at 7 PM
February 18-19, 2020
Tickets $12
All performances 7:30 PM