Yueh-Yeh Li

August 13-15, 2020

by Albert Camus, adapted by Justin O’Brien, re-envisioned by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li

“The only mistake one makes in life is to cause others suffering…”

Caligula is determined to reach the absolute freedom by depopulating the world through murder, lechery, and contempt. His realization of “one cannot destroy without destroying oneself” annotates his death and pernicious manner. How did Caligula get here? How did he reach such nihilist, destructive determination? Caligula examines how our way of living and our surroundings invoke our conscience to the world and reconstruct ourselves.

With Ilayda Akin, Leah Bachar, Toney Brown, Riccardo Carcangiu, Chun Cho, Shan Y Chuang, and Yael Haskal

Dramaturge: Tom Walker
Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen
Scenic Designer: Alexander Grover
Costume Designer: Dominus Sowell


FALL 2020
approx. 95 min.
All performances begin at 7 PM