Farrell / Hayes

February 18-19, 2020

February 18-19, 2020 

Conceived by Nia Farrell, Created in collaboration with Trevor Latez Hayes and the ensemble

In the fight to feel in a world of distraction, remember the following: 1) Soul doesn’t go down without a song, 2) Death might be the only freedom, 3) Grief is a worthwhile use of your time. bloodymessysurprised is a celebration cycle of the moments we choose freedom, and the aunties, best friends, clients, godparents, particles, lovers, acquaintances, ancestors, strangers, and mothers in our lives who lead us there. 

With Nia Farrell, Trevor Latez Hayes, Mariyea Jackson, TroyElan Richardson, and Maya Riley

Spring 2020
approx. 70 min.
All performances begin at 7 PM
February 18-19, 2020
Tickets $12
All performances 7:30 PM