Feb. 8 – 9, 2023

Javier Antonio González (Writer, Director)
David Skeist (Composer)
Michael Rekevics (Composer)
Jenny Tibbels (Producer)

Ensemble: Yaraní del Valle Piñero, Courtney Ellis, Marty Keiser, Tania Molina, Jordan Rutter-Covatto, Pelé Sanchez Tormes, Susannah Hoffman, & David Skeist

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Rubalee, a young North Atlantic right whale, undertakes a migration to Eubalena, the legendary home of the southern right whales. Changes in feeding patterns due to oceanic warming, butchery by shipping vessels, entanglement in fishing lines, and an onslaught of industrial noise pollution have rendered their home waters a kind of hell. Above the ocean, They, Them, and Her debate strategies for saving the whales to disastrous effect. At present there are fewer than 400 North Atlantic right whales.

Caborca is a bilingual ensemble making theater and film under Puerto Rican director Javier Antonio González since 2009. We work in NY and on tour at the intersection of Latine and experimental arts, where audiences are hungry for our politically charged and formally innovative reflections on colonial power dynamics. We combine disciplinary backgrounds in visual arts, postmodern dance, music, and performance with rigorous experimental processes, continually reinventing our practices.


Wednesday, February 8 @ 7 pm
Thursday, February 9 @ 7 pm + Live Stream

General ticket: $15
45 min
ADA accessible