Deniz Khateri & Bahar Royaee

Feb. 11 – 12, 2023

Writer & Director: Deniz Khateri
Composer: Bahar Royaee,
Chen Shuhe Yue- Rabe’a (Singer)
Adriana Spencer- Saint (Movement)
Tessa Brinckman- Flute/Percussion (Improvisation)

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Based Tazkirat al-Owlia, a mystical book by the thirteenth century poet Attar Neishabouri about the biographies of great saints and elders of Persian Sufism , “Longing Lights” tells the story of Rābiʿa, the only female Sufi in this book. This work in progress piece is an experiment on opera and body language that is about the visible and invisible world of human thoughts; Reflections that have been neglected in the midst of political and social upheavals between the iron lands and digital forests.

Deniz is an actor, director, playwright, shadow puppetry artist and animator based in New York. Her works experiment with form and focus on memory, grief, immigration and the concept of home. Deniz has performed extensively in Tehran, Boston and New York and her plays have been performed in several national and international festivals.She has designed and directed shows and shadow puppetry visuals for several contemporary classical composers and companies including Guerilla Opera and Long Beach Opera. She holds an MA in theatre from Hunter College of New York. Deniz is the recipient of the NYFA award for her documentary animated web series, “Diasporan”, for which she is the writer, director, animator and singer and explores the daily struggles of immigrants. (


Sat., February 11 @ 7 pm
Sunday. February 12 @ 7 pm + Live Stream

General ticket: $15
45 min
ADA accessible