July 6-9, 2022

Created and Directed by Jen Pitt

Devised by the company
Featuring Rachel Griesinger & Tiffany Carvalho

One night, at the height of their careers, Molière and his pals got drunk, realized the futility of life, and made a pact to commit group suicide in the nearby river. (Fortunately, they passed out, woke up hungover, and changed their minds.) Incorporating clown work and dance theatre, this devised piece, performed by women, uses this wild evening as a point of departure to explore the tragic underbelly of “funny”, asking important questions, like – what if Molière had twitter? What happens to sadness at our peaks of success?  And what the fuck do people want anyway?  https://www.jen-pitt.com/

Jen Pitt


July 6-9, 2022

$20 general / $17 students & seniors
55 minutes
Thursday night performance is available to live-stream and is then available on-demand throughout the rest of the festival.
ADA Accessible