Al Límite Collective

Liminal Archive

July 14- 17 2021

Liminal Archive is an immersive theatrical experience that guides audiences through intimate moments of isolation experienced by artists as they traverse the unknown during the early days of the pandemic. Liminal Archive began as an open-source platform, providing a cultural exchange where international artists could collaborate together during a lockdown and mass uprisings, and it has collected more than 40 artworks, including music, digital art and theater. Al Límite has curated these offerings into a 40-minute odyssey of live performances, projections and audio journeys where we venture through the past, the present, and find our way together into the future.

Al Límite Collective

Producing Directors: Leah Bachar, Monica Hunken, Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li
Creators: Al Límite Collective
Audio Designer: Benny Woodard, Jessica Daugherty, Leah Bachar
Lighting Designer: Hao Bai
Graphic Designer: Mario Fong
Ensemble: Leah Bachar, Monica Hunken, Shan Y. Chuang, Ann Treesa Joy, Sanam Erfani, Philip Santos Schaffer



About the Company 

Al Límite is a placeless, borderless collective of multi-disciplinary, multi-racial, international artists striving towards the decolonization of the body, and building community resiliency through art and performance. We devise performances, rituals, and celebrations as acts of creative resistance in non-traditional public spaces and sites of injustice.  We seek liberation through theatre. Our work engages the audience as active participants co-creating a collective experience. 

2020-2021 Season

Wednesday-Saturday at 7pm and 8pm

General Admission $20
Students/Senior $17
45 min