Our 2017 - 2018 Season


September 1 - 16

New Ohio Hosts
Throes Theater

Written by Alexandra Zelman-Doring
Directed by Theresa Buchheister

Ana and Simon are twins. Ana wants to sell her eggs for piles of money. Simon wants another beginning after his latest bender. They have spent a lifetime disappearing into each other and seeking to define their lives as separate beings. And now, through family, lovers, humans caught in the spiral of their narrative and the memories in which they all reside, they come to terms with their ghosts.

The Itch is story of sibling love, addiction, and how far we’ll go to save ourselves and others, experienced through theatre, film and original music.

Throes Theater is a drama-desk nominated, Brooklyn-based company working with music and film. Since its founding in 2012, the members have explored many performances ranging from experimental gallery showings to street performances and more traditional two-act plays. They have collaborated with numerous contemporary composers, bands, and singers. Recently, Throes was part of HERE ARTS CENTER's summer sublet series, and was awarded a residency at La Mama Umbria International.

*The Itch Developed at La Mama Umbria's Next Generation incubator.


September 21 - October 7

New Ohio Presents


A pop up festival of smart as hell new works by black, brown, and queer America
Curated and produced by Jessica Almasy

American AF is a nightly multi-act bill of short films, plays, panels, music, visual art, and discussion producing 30+ black, brown, queer, and radically political artists.

The pop up festival will be speaking through, at, and from within this vicious and incredibly alive moment in our history.

It is a recalibration of American identity to speak from a place that is fluid, diverse, inclusive, pioneering, intelligent, and relentlessly reinventing itself in the name of equality and justice.

The lineup includes:
And more.

Visit americanaf.org for all the details!


October 11 - 22

New Ohio Presents


Producers Club is our free-floating, ad hoc, instant-gratification, impulse-driven pop-up program. We invite familiar and new-to-our-orbit companies into the New Ohio for a couple of days to flex their muscles, share their current thinking, and test their next great idea. The stakes are low, but the bar is high!

All tix $12
Start times vary. Consult the ticket calendar for exact times.

Oct 11-12
By Eliza Bent, Directed by Knud Adams

In 1993, at the age of 11, a young Eliza Bent, along with a friend, co-created, directed and starred in an amateur historical film for a school project. In it, Bent portrayed Hawaii’s last reigning monarch, Queen Liliuokalani. 25 years later Bent uses her home movie along with the travel writings of Mark Twain as forensic documents to lead audiences on a journey that grapples with personal history, legacy, and cultural appropriation.

Oct 14-15
Kyoung's Pacific Beat

Playwright Kyoung H. Park reunites with director Carlos Armesto to present a reading of this gut-wrenching tragicomedy, which examines the consequences of American Imperialism and White Supremacy, through the anachronistic re-telling of George W. Bush's Presidency and the War on Terror as the story of Nero, a 15 year-old boy torn by his questionable rise to the throne.

Oct 18-19
Meta-Phys Ed.
THE CHRONICLES OF SAMSON: Dangers of a Wounded Ego
Written by Ken Kaissar, Directed by Jesse Freedman

Before Delilah...there was Samson and Timneet.

For the bible's greatest lovers, Nothing says "I ❤️ You" like ripping out a lion's tongue. Samson copes with his grief by killing thousands of his in-laws with a donkey's jaw and move into a brothel.

The Chronicles of Samson: Dangers of a Wounded Ego is the story of Samson and Timneet, deconstructed to dramatizes the rage and passion inherent in romance and how toxic masculinity and misogyny shape classic Bible narratives. Loosely adapted from a play by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, an 18th century Italian Kabbalah master and poet.

Oct 21-22
Radical Evolution
Created by Radical Evolution, Directed by Rebecca Martinez

The creation of the US Rail system involved millions of people from many cultures that have existed in the US zeitgeist. From the Southern Black American experience to White Appalachian, Irish immigrants, Chinese Immigrants, Mexican Immigrants, Native Americans, and more, each culture at some point had their hands on the rails, spikes, ties, and engines that connected all the states and territories, and most had a song or two to sing about the experience. “Songs About Trains” is a hybrid performance work that uses music as a way into these stories and explores the role of the railroad in America’s rise to becoming a global superpower.


October 27 - November 12

New Ohio Hosts
Less Than Rent Theatre


Written by James Presson
Directed by Sash Bischoff
Choreographed by Jennifer Jancuska

A Jacobean Revenge Comedy World Premiere

The teens of Greenport, CT face a chaotic spring semester as they grapple with loyalty, lust, narcissism, and nihilism before hitting the most important night of their lives: prom. FMK mashes up the high drama of Jacobean theater and classic high school tropes into a fast-paced and highly stylized epic where secrets are spilled, backs are stabbed, and the survivors are left to count the dead and wonder how and why they got out alive.

Fuck Marry Kill was developed at Lincoln Center, with an additional workshop at Playwrights Horizons.

LTR creates dynamic and dangerous theatre where the energy is explosive and the volume is turned all the way up. Whether presenting a new work from a fresh voice, a remix of a classic, or a devised piece by our ensemble, LTR perpetually skews the theatrical canon with a signature combination of passion, curiosity, and swagger. Since 2010, LTR’s work has been seen at HERE, La Mama, 59E59, Walkerspace, Theatre Row, Horse Trade Theater Group, Wild Project, and The Brick, among others. In addition to multiple FringeNYC and United Solo awards and NYIT nominations, they were named Indie Theater Now’s "People of the Year" in 2013.


November 28 - December 23

New Ohio Hosts
Page 73 Productions


Directed by Kip Fagan

World Premiere

Emily, a would-be writer, retreats home to O'ahu after Manhattan finally gets the best of her. Trading one island for another doesn't help, though, and when she stumbles into a gig as an actor on a shock-jock radio dating show, she finds herself strangely determined to turn fantasy into reality. Told through a playful mixture of phone calls, voicemails, and live radio spots, Today Is My Birthday is a comedy about loneliness in the age of connection.

Page 73 is now in its 20th year producing and supporting the most talented early-career playwrights and introducing them to New York audiences by producing their professional debuts in the city. Close to two-thirds of the over 100 playwrights they’ve supported have enjoyed New York or regional theatre productions after receiving a Page 73 premiere or development support. These include, among others, writers whose professional debuts in New York City were produced by Page 73, such as Samuel D. Hunter (2015 MacArthur "Genius" Grant), Quiara Alegría Hudes (2012 Pulitzer Prize), Dan LeFranc (2010 New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award), Heidi Schreck (2014 Tow Playwright in Residence at Playwrights Horizons), and Clare Barron (2015 Obie Award).


December 31 - January 14

New Ohio Theatre Presents
Blessed Unrest


Adapted by Matt Opatrny from the story by Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by Jessica Burr

Following the critical and audience success of last year's A CHRISTMAS CAROL, we're bringing back Blessed Unrest with their new adaptation of the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Snow Queen was developed as part of New Victory LabWorks.

Blessed Unrest is an experimental physical theatre ensemble generating original work since 1999. Their awards include the 2014 Caffe Cino Award for Sustained Excellence from the NY Innovative Theatre Awards, four additional IT Awards, the LPTW Lucille Lortel Award, and First Prize at the 2016 Secondo Theatre Festival. They create safe environments where dangerous things can happen, producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage with their diverse ensemble of artists. They teach their methods at universities across the country and tour internationally with original bilingual plays created with overseas partners including Teatri Oda of Kosovo.


January 30 - February 3

New Ohio Presents


The NY Indie Theatre Film Festival supports indie theatre artists defying labels and branching out into recorded media. We bring them together over five nights of screenings so you can see what they're up to.

Our inaugural festival in 2017 included 2 feature length narratives, 4 documentaries, and over 30 short films, music videos and web series episodes, featuring downtown theatre makers you've come to know and love.

Are you a NY theatre maker and want to submit a project?

Deadline to apply is October 20, 2017

Stay tuned for more details on the 2018 edition!


February 17 - March 11

New Ohio Hosts
Blessed Unrest


Translated and adapted by Laura Wickens
From the play by Anton Chekhov
Directed by Jessica Burr

A man of status with questionable sexual ethics runs rampage. A society fixated on the chaos of the moment ignores their collapsing economic system. A culture of open gun possession leads to rash and deadly consequences. Laura Wickens’ focused, raw, and riotous adaptation rips the heart out of Anton Chekhov’s scandalous first play, with six actors delivering all the intensity of the five hour classic in 90 minutes.

Blessed Unrest is in its 17th season of generating original theatre in NYC and touring internationally. They create safe environments where dangerous things can happen, producing dynamic, disciplined, and exuberant new works for the stage with their diverse ensemble. They teach their approach to physical and devised theatre at universities across the country. Among their awards are four New York Innovative Theatre Awards (twelve nominations) including the Cino Fellowship for Sustained Excellence, the LPTW Lucille Lortel Award, and first prize at the 2016 Secondo Theatre Festival (Switzerland). The company’s work has been praised for "magnetism and electricity" (TimeOut NY) and "physical ingenuity and visual artistry" (NYTheatre.com).


March 15 - April 8

New Ohio Hosts
Fallen Angel Theatre Company
Starring Melissa Gilbert in


Written by Geraldine Aron
Directed by Aedin Moloney

New York Premiere

New Yorker, Rachel Lipsky Haringay is left and divorced by her irritatingly round-headed British husband of many years, after he discloses his argentine lover -"Rosa the Posa". Set in contemporary London, Rachel is left to cope with an empty nest, a disapproving mother, a misogynous lawyer, some dubious counselors, a bad case of hypochondria and the spectre of poverty. With only family dog Axal for company, Rachel mourns her marriage, picks up the pieces and learns to live whole again. Eccentric, touching and at times very funny, this bittersweet play resonates with anybody who has experienced a break up!

Nominated for an Olivier Award, the play looks at themes such as late in life divorce, middle-aged loneliness, how a person functions once children have left the nest, life experiences and how to cope when the world you have built comes crashing down.

"The play's charm lies in the fact that Aron pushes the absurdity of the situation as much as its pathos…Mixing vaudevillian solo-turn and vicarious soul-baring." -- The Guardian

Fallen Angel Theatre was founded in 2003 by Aedín Moloney, committed to presenting outstanding & dynamic Irish & British plays written by and about women. Fallen Angel Theatre is the first American company with the goal of interpreting these plays in a fresh, exciting and commercially viable way for a diverse and multicultural New York audience. Recent productions include the Off Broadway premiere of "When I was a Girl I used to Scream and Shout" by Sharman Macdonald (NYTimes Critics Pick), and the US premiere of "Airswimming" by Charlotte Jones at Irish Rep.



APRIL 10 - 21

New Ohio Hosts
Fresh Ground Pepper


A 2 week festival celebrating the creative process

The FGP Festival will stretch 12 full days of community programming and performances from 44 resident artists and collaborators. FGP, a longtime downtown champion of the offbeat, the brand-new, and the undefinable, will provide a platform for a vibrant array of artists across all mediums, including new works of performance, visual art, comedy, music, immersive theatre, board gaming, and literature. Evenings will include interactive artist-driven parties, live art experiments curated by FGP’s New Producers’ Lab, showings of new work from the PlayGround PlayGroup, common space for communal use and collaboration, the debut of a new devised theatrical work-in-progress from the FGP In-House Artists, and more.

Featured Artists Include: Nikki Calonge, Jess Chayes, nicHi Douglas, Eric Farber, Jenny Gorelick, Ben Holbrook, Lena Hudson, J. Mehr Kaur, Krista Knight, Matthew Dean Marsh, Jacob Marx-Rice, Liz Morgan, Wi-Moto Nyoka, Wil Petre, Lorelei Ramirez, Elinor T. Vanderburg, Nate Weida, Ryann Weir and many more.

Fresh Ground Pepper is a New York City based arts incubator, identifying up-and-coming artists, magnifying their voices, and giving them the resources that are critical to helping new work succeed. Since its inception in 2009, FGP has hosted over 70 events that showcase theater-makers, musicians, dancers, media artists, comedians, visual/installation artists, writers, and designers, with the intention of jumpstarting and celebrating the creative process. 100% of FGP’s programming is devoted to developing emerging art, and the submissions process is open to all applications. Fresh Ground Pepper was founded by playwright Jaclyn Backhaus (Men On Boats), producer Karina Martins, director Andrew Neisler (Clown Bar), diretor Andrew Scoville (assoc dir, Sweeney Todd at Barrow Street Theatre), and director Jenny Beth Snyder (Red Room).



April 27 - May 19

New Ohio Theatre and Built for Collapse present


Text by Nina Segal
Directed by Sanaz Ghajar
Composed by Jen Goma
Choreographed by Alexa Andreas and Ben Hobbs
Designed by Karen Boyer, Joe Cantalupo, Dave Tennent

An Archive Residency world premiere
in collaboration with IRT Theater

Featuring Jessica Almasy*, Robert Johanson*, Eva Jaunzemis

A woman gives a lecture about the brain. A woman gives a lecture about a man and his brain. A woman bakes a cake. Fuck that. She does nothing like that. A woman puts on a large hat and plays at being a man, pushing a sharp object through the soft bit of an eye socket. Chalk dust falls from the ceiling and two monkeys talk about the ways that pain is processed by the brain. Becky and Lucy. Doctor Walter Freeman. War is coming. Count backwards from ten. Becky and Lucy. Becky and Lucy. Becky and Lucy. Becky and Lucy. Becky and Lucy. Becky and Lucy. War is coming, always. DANGER SIGNALS is a multidisciplinary fantasia about monkeys, brains and how we deal with our problems.

Built for Collapse is an award-winning theater company committed to building multidisciplinary work that challenges theatrical form. They develop each project through a highly physical approach to writing, rehearsal and performance that places specific importance on audience feedback and diverse source material including images, videos, pop culture, and found text. At times an erotic opera, at times a freakish and violent circus, Built for Collapse has been described as a "creative new approach to theatre."



May 23 - June 3

New Ohio Theatre and anecdota present


a solo created and performed by Erica Fae
with words by Sarah Wakefield
Creative & Cultural Consultant Sheldon Raymore

An Archive Residency world premiere
in collaboration with IRT Theater

Drawn directly from Sarah Wakefield’s auto-biographical narrative Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees, SAVED AGAIN AND BY HIM recounts Sarah’s experiences during the 1862 Dakota Uprising in Minnesota – a conflict that ended with President Lincoln’s approval of the largest mass execution in United States history. Were it not for the protection provided by one Dakota man and his family, Sarah likely would not have lived to tell her story. A complicated narrator, by turns admirable and offensive, Sarah’s gratitude and prejudice endow her voice with sharp resonance for audiences still grappling with the legacy of America’s brutal past (and present).

anecdota is dedicated to telling too-little-known true stories of American history. Its first piece, Take What Is Yours, centered on Alice Paul and the woman’s suffrage movement, and was a Critic’s Pick in the NY Times. Fae’s feature film To Keep the Light, about a female lighthouse keeper in the 1860’s, won the Fipresci Prize in Germany, Best Director at Berlin Indp Film Festival, and numerous other festival awards. Her second feature film, set in New England in the 1840’s, is currently in development.



June 8 - 17

New Ohio Hosts
Between Two Boroughs Productions

CANNIBAL GALAXY: a love story
A new play by Charise Greene
Directed by Jenn Haltman

World Premiere

It’s business as usual at the Washington D.C. Science Museum where the employees’ personal lives keep getting in the way. Jo wants a child but is unable to secure an inseminator. Chet longs to make love, but dating kinda sucks and gaming is way more awesome. Claire searches for purpose by digging directly toward the center of the earth. Vadim prioritizes the needs of others but wouldn’t know his own if they crawled into bed with him. Eloise lives in a treehouse and brushes her teeth with space particles. When chaos ravages a perfectly average day, these co-workers are flung into a cosmic galactic shift, rearranging their internal cartography. In these desperate times, Cannibal Galaxy: a love story is a new play about how we keep breathing as America eats itself alive.

Between Two Boroughs was co-founded by Jenn Haltman and Becca Schneider in 2014. Through empathy, humor, and bold simplicity, they share stories that embrace the impossibilities of life, love, and art. Prior productions include Theresa Rebeck's The Understudy at The Secret Theatre and Charles Mee's Summertime at Gowanus Loft.



June 27 - August 18

New Ohio Theatre Presents


2018 is the 25th Anniversary season of our OBIE Award-winning summer festival of new work.

Every summer we invite the most exciting downtown companies to present their latest projects in an environment of generosity, dialogue, and inspiration. ICE FACTORY is a place where artists can take risks, try out new ideas, and
bring their projects to a new level.

Plays introduced in Ice Factory have gone on to garner Drama Desk nominations, OBIE Awards, Audience First Awards in Edinburgh, Off-Broadway productions, commercial runs, and national and international tours.



August 24 - September 8

New Ohio Theatre and The Mill Theatre present

A Comedy...Until It's Not

By Mark Chrisler
Directed by Jaclyn Biskup

Olivia and Humphry have a safe, comfortable, enviable life. Their condo is well-adorned with fancy knick-knacks, their social media presence is meticulously groomed, and they never fight. Or laugh. Or kiss. Or talk very much.

Unexpectedly, Olivia’s lover-- id-driven Officer Kirk Patrick --shows up, trailing a man-eating tiger which takes up residence right outside, threatening to devour anyone who opens the door. Tigers may be dangerous, but there might be something worse inside.

Worse Than Tigers premiered at Seattle’s ACT in March 2016 under the direction of Emily Penick. Previously it was developed at New York’s Stella Adler Studio (dir. Lee Kinney), Chicago’s The Mill Theater (dir. Jaclyn Biskup), The San Francisco Playhouse, Uzbekistan’s Ilkhom Theatre (translated to Russian by Ekaterina Raykova-Merz), Seattle’s Washington Ensemble Theatre (dir. John Langs) and Ohio University’s Seabury Quinn Jr. New Play Festival (dir. Shelley Delaney).


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