New Ohio 2012-13 Season


August 31

By Anonymous Ensemble:
Jessica Weinstein, Eamonn Farrell and Liz Davito

Lighting Designer: Lucrecia Briceno

Wedding Reception After-Party to follow

In their latest work of interactive theater, Anonymous Ensemble creates Hollywood magic using cameras, a green-screen, live video processing software, and the opulent imagery of silent film director Erich von Stroheim. The show unveils a panoply of love affairs between Tall Hilda and a string of paramours including a fictionalized Erich von Stroheim, a devout Gloria Swanson, and even the live audience itself. Throughout the narrative, the audience is drawn into and onto the silver screen as their own stories become part of the fabric of the piece. The show is a tryst between cinema and live performance that invites the audience to voyeuristically participate in the artifice of cinema and the magic of theater simultaneously. With its lush, cinematic orchestration and rapid, real-time editing, LIEBE LOVE AMOUR! spins layers of romance and reality as it reels towards its inevitable Hollywood finish!


New Ohio Theatre presents a Bug Company production of

September 6-28

Written by Ivan Dimitrov
Translated by Angela Rodel
Directed by Sam Buggeln

Production Staff:

Scenic Design: David L. Arsenault

Costume Design: Katja Andreiev

Lighting Design: Max Doolittle

Sound Design: Anna-Lee Craig

Stage Manager: Becca Pickett*

Press Representation: David Gibbs, Darr Publicity

Graphic Design: Andrea Lee

Featuring: Matt Frazier, Michael Frederic*, Danielle Skraastad*, Zoë Winters*, Evan Zes*

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

It's another lunch hour in the main square, and two white-collar wannabe sharks are heading back to the office hustle. They have some concerns, though: Who's watch is more prestigious? Is it possible to eat from a street vendor without looking like a hick? (Is that why they never manage to actually eat lunch?) And where did all the people go? Also: who is that man who watches them every day, and why does it feel so damn reassuring? Old-school Absurdism meets The Office, in a play about anonymity, surveillance, and global consumer culture.


The Eyes of Others won the Shumen new play contest in Bulgaria and was selected from among hundreds of international plays to be read at the Lark Play Development Center's 2012 hotINK Festival. The Eyes of Others was developed, in part, at IRT Theatre.

New Ohio Theatre presents a Bug Company production of

September 16 - 29

Written and performed by Zoë Winters

Stage Manager: Becca Pickett

NOT AT THE DINNER TABLE will be performed during dark nights for The Eyes of Others.

NOT AT THE DINNER TABLE is a collection of short stories that used to be secrets. Written and performed by Zo Winters, these autobiographical tales explore the life of a girl, her family, lovers, heartache and other things that keep time. The four evenings of shows will vary in material from night to night, but discomfort, romance, humor, children and other hurtful things will always have a seat at the table.

Zo Winters most recently starred Off-Broadway in 4000 Miles at Lincoln Center Theater.

Plays That Go Bump in the Night

October 4 - 20


Jade Lane and Michael Puzzo present an evening of one-act plays, embodying all the glorious disguise and mystique of the eeriest holiday.

With all new plays by John Patrick Shanley, Michael Puzzo, Bekah Brunstetter, Adam Szymkowicz, Halley Feiffer, David Bar Katz, and a few spooky surprises.

Directed by: Geordie Broadwater, Scott Hudson, David Bar Katz, Alex Kilgore, Pedro Pascal, Brian Roff

Production Staff:

Artistic Director: Brian Roff
Set Designer: Jason Simms
Costume Designer: Alexis Forte
Lighting Designer: Greg Goff
Sound Designer: Andre Fratto
Props: Jamie Bressler

Featuring: Liz Canavan, Mike Carlsen, Kevin Cristaldi, Dre Davis, Scott Hudson, Ed Jewett, Charlie Kilgore, Jamie Klassel, Jade Lane, Susan Louise O'Connor, Justin Reinsilber, Racine Russell, Robert Sella, Matt Stadelmann, Aaron Roman Weiner


Blue Coyote Theater Group presents

October 27 - November 17

By David Johnston
Directed by Gary Shrader

Production Staff:

Set Designer: Kerry Chipman

Lighting Designer: Nick Houfek

Stage Manager: Samantha Davis.

Featuring: Frank Anderson, Eboni Booth, Alex Carmine, John DiBenedetto, Andrea Gallo, Tracey Gilbert, Jillaine Gill, George C. Hosmer, Boo Killebrew, David Lapkin, PJ Sosko, Stephen Speights, Amy Staats


With cold weather and the threat of gentrification looming, a group of Coney Island die-hards take to the boardwalk for one last summer fling. A panoramic tribute to a world that is "all going away," CONEY presents a diverse cast of twelve characters spanning in age from 13 to 73. Between the Sideshows at the Sea Shore, the Wonder Wheel, Nathan's Hot Dogs and Shoot the Freak, dreams are conjured and hopes are dashed in acclaimed playwright David Johnston's love letter to America's original national playground.


terraNOVA Collective presents

December 3 - 23

By Robert Askins
Directed by Jose Zayas


Production staff:

Scenic Design: Jason Simms
Puppet Design: Eric Wright and The Puppet Kitchen
Costume Design: Carla Bellisio
Lighting Design: Ryan O'Gara
Sound Design: Jane Shaw and Emma Wilk
Additional Music by Jane Shaw
Video Projections Design by Alex Koch, IMA and David Tennent, IMA
Illustrations: Peter Shevenell
Art Direction: Christy Briggs
Production Stage Manager: Andrew Slater*
Assistant Stage Managers: Becca Pickett* & Kelly Burns
Assistant Directors: Jo Cattell & Kyle Metzger
Producer: Matthew Stephen Huffman



Sofia Jean Gomez*

Preston Martin

Bobby Moreno*

Diana Oh*
Joe Paulik*

Steven Rishard*

Jenny Seastone Stern*


Puppeteers Chloe Moser, Katey Parker and Eric Wright.

*Actors & Stage Managers appear courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

From the same playwright who wrote Hand to God, the surprising hit comedy in New York City last season, comes this outrageous tale of P.S. Jones.

Our hero, the diminutive and unassuming Pig Shit, is doing what he does best, shoveling poop and daydreamin'. Pig Shit dreams of visiting The Frozen City, a utopian world just visible beyond forbidden Burning Waste. He doesn't know that his shovel is about to unearth something that will change his life forever, or that he's about to go on a long and difficult journey, that it's gonna hurt, that lessons will be learned and that he's gonna one day set foot inside the thick glass of The Frozen City. Perhaps it's best to know a bit more about what you're wishin' for.

“…the most fun you’ll have ever have sitting down in a theater this season.’
– New York Theatre Review

“your theater season has landed, not with a bang, but with a WHAM!”
- NY Magazine


“a beyond-stellar ensemble, allows for a sensationally fun night of theater”
- Theaterinthenow.com


“The animated video design, by Alex Koch and David Tennent, assisted by the projections illustrator Kate Freer, is spiky, elegant and altogether entrancing”
- New York Times

“a sensory triumph that will leave the audience wanting more in all the right ways... Frozen City proves why Robert Askins is one of the most in demand young writers around.”
- Theaterinthenow.com


Performance Space 122 + New Ohio Theatre presents

January 9 - 19

Written and directed by Tina Satter
A Half Straddle Production

Part of 2013 COIL Festival


Production Staff:

Set Designer: Andreea Mincic

Lighting Designer: Zack Tinkelman

Composer/ Sound Designer: Chris Giarmo

Production Manager: Liz Nielsen

Stage Manager: Randi Rivera

Costume Designer: Enver Chakartash



Eliza Bent

Becca Blackwell

Emily Davis

Julia Sirna-Frest

Susie Sokol

Jess Barbagallo


Writer/director Tina Satter draws on Chekhov’s letters, translations, and perverse sense of comedy to consider anew the darkness, beauty, and history of Chekhov’s iconic play The Seagull and its resonances with her Half Straddle ensemble. Seagull (Thinking of you) is a personal look at performance, failure, and attempted love -- ultimately an unexpected meditation on why we ever try to say something out loud. With a Russian folk metal-influenced score.



“Full to the brim with killer talent … launching a particularly coordinated goal-line drive to a new feminist form.” – Time Out New York


Made possible with commissioning support from PS122 and Jerome Foundation. Developed in residences at MASS MoCA (December 2012), the New Museum (September/August 2012), and Abrons Art Center (April 2012). Early stages of the work were shown at Prelude Festival (October 2011).



New Ohio Theatre presents
Godlight Theatre Company's production of


January 31 - February 23

Adapted by Matt Pelfrey
Directed by Joe Tantalo

The sold-out hit of ICE FACTORY 2012 returns for its World Premiere

Production Staff:

Production Design: Maruti Evans
Sound Design: Ien DeNio
Fight Choreography: Rick Sordelet
Choreography: Maiysha Cade
Costume Design: Orli Nativ
Masks: Brendan Tay & The Puppet Kitchen


Chris Cipriano

Dre Davis

Brett Glass

Lawrence Jansen

Adam Kee

Gregory Konow

Nick Paglino

Michael Shimkin

Jenny Stulberg

Jarrod Zayas

"You have two days to pass your audition. You better pass it, feller. You're joining the circus. Ain't that the best news you ever got?

The Pilo Family Circus is recruiting and whether he likes it or not, Jamie is auditioning. He never dreamed of running away to join the circus, but you just don't say no to a troupe of exuberantly sadistic clowns out headhunting. Darkly funny and gleefully macabre, Will Elliott's The Pilo Family Circus, adapted by Matt Pelfrey, follows Jamie's furious descent into the nightmare world of a centuries-old carnival where amid the acrobats, clowns, dwarves, freaks and fortune tellers, you may lose more than just your way. Jamie finds that his worst enemy is himself. When he applies the white face paint, he is transformed into JJ the most vicious clown of them all. And JJ wants Jamie dead...

Will Elliott's THE PILO FAMILY CIRCUS was commissioned by Godlight Theatre Company, New York, NY Joe Tantalo, Artistic Director, and is produced by exclusive arrangement with Australian Literary Management, 2-A Booth Street, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia.

THE PILO FAMILY CIRCUS received funding and developmental support in 2012 from the Drama League Director's Project's New Directors/New Works Program.


Nylon Fusion Theatre Company presents
Incendiary Agents

March 1 - 24

by Jack Karp
Directed by Peter Jensen

Production Staff:

Set Designer: D. Schuyler Burks
Lighting Designer: Dan Stearns
Sound Designer: Andy Cohen
Costume Designer: Sherry Martinez
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Janet Bentley
Assistant Stage Manager: Ryun Hubbs
Propsmaster: Judi Swartout
Publicist: Lanie Zipoy
Technical Director: Nate Frieswyk


Nick Walkonis

Eric Rice

Josh Sienkiewicz

Laura Pruden*

Jamie Neumann,
Alexei Bondar

Alex C Ferrill*

It is 1969 and the Vietnam War is raging abroad while riots and protests are raging here at home. Hoping to disrupt the draft and make a statement against the war, a small group of friends, led by their charismatic and idealistic young priest, risk arrest and jail to attempt a daring nighttime break-in at the local draft board office. But when the sacrifice they face suddenly becomes greater than they expected, each of them is forced to decide how much they are willing to give up for what they believe in.

“[Incendiary Agents] urges us to assess the value of an individual’s effort in the face of full-scale war and the likelihood of his or her attainability of justice.”

“… you’re almost guaranteed to be swept up in the story for the believability of this talented group of actors." – Inside New York

“[Incendiary Agents] shakes us, as a good rollercoaster ride should, and it leaves us a lot to ponder whether we are interested in politics or not." – ReviewFix


New Georges presents

April 3 - 27

a new play by Lynn Rosen
developed with and directed by Shana Gold


Design by:

Lenore Doxsee

Nick Francone

Piama Habibullah

Jared Mezzocchi

Tristan Raines

Shane Rettig



Ben Beckley

Jaspal Binning

Christopher Gerson

Kristin Griffith

Jenni Meador

Bobby Moreno

Garrett Neergaard

Rob Leo Roy

Jenny Seastone Stern

Bubba Weiler


Watch, if you dareth, as love and hunger collide most fantastically with the elusive American dream. In hearty games of Dungeons & Dragons, young Bart and Holly escape the dreary reality of hauling money all day in armored transport vehicles. When jobs are lost and the boss starts looking at Holly funny, escape becomes reality, releasing Goldor & Mythyka upon the world. Thusly, lucre shall be heisted! Throngs shall cheer their criminal exploits! And Have Nots will rule the day! Until… reality regenerates with a vengeance.


“If you only see one show this month, see this one. TWICE.”
– New York Theatre Review


“Exuberant… taps into the desire so many of us feel for lives more intrepid, more exciting, and certainly better funded than the ones we’re stuck with. ”
– The Village Voice



The Play Company presents
The New York premiere of

May 8 - June 9

Written by Roland Schimmelpfennig
Directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
Translated by David Tushingham

Production Staff:

Set designer: Mimi Lien

Costume designer: Loren Shaw

Lighting Designer: Nicole Pearce

Sound Designer: Katie Down

Movement Director: Erica Fae


Noah Galvin

Peter Kim

K.K. Moggie

Stephen Duff Webber

Welker White

An agonizing toothache launches a tragicomic tale set in your local Pan-Asian takeout. Five actors play 15 characters as the tooth magically weaves together the stories of the immigrant kitchen workers, their customers and neighbors in the heat and frenzy of the dinner rush. This high-energy, kaleidoscopic play by one of Europe’s most popular and adventurous writers explores how intertwined our lives really are.






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