New Ohio 2013-14 Season


August 22 - September 28

Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre in association with New Ohio Presents

By Lucy Thurber

Directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch

STAY is one of The Hill Town Plays, a cycle of five plays by Lucy Thurber that also includes Scarcity, Ashville, Where We're Born, Killers and Other Family. Each play investigates a pivotal stage of the main character's life, from a childhood in rural Western Massachusetts, through college and coming to terms with her sexual identity, and onto adulthood as a successful author.


October 5 - 26

New Ohio Theatre Hosts

Glass Bandits
A new play by Paul Cameron Hardy
Directed by Eddie Prunoske

Presented by Glass Bandits Theater Company

Emma's boyfriend left her. Her younger brother flew in to make sure she eats. She has papers to grade, a thesis to write and the rest of her life to figure out. Oh yeah, she's also been drinking and talking with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer...there's also that.


November 1 - December 1

New Ohio Theatre Hosts

Beth Bartley Prods


Written by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Cosmin Chivu

Featuring legendary avant-garde performers Mink Stole and Penny Arcade.

One of the funniest, strangest, most neglected and most moving of the later plays. This is its first New York revival in 38 years. With original music composed by Jesse Selengut, performed by the three-piece combo Tin Pan.


January 9 - 12

PS122 and New Ohio Presents

Written by Joe Diebes

Systems Designed by Rob Ramirez

Concept and Direction by Phil Soltanoff
Performed by Mari Akita

Part of COIL 2014 Festival

Most theatrical works still hold to a model where the actor is the center of the theatrical universe. An Evening with WILLIAM SHATNER ASTERISK considers a post-human theatre, exploring the possibilities that occur when the principle player is technological and acts in symbiosis with human performers. Together, the artists have created a dynamic, video Shatner oracle by meticulously cataloguing everything William Shatner ever said on the original Star Trek series to boldly go where no one has gone before: to make Captain James T. Kirk expand our universe.


January 22 - February 23

New Ohio Theatre Hosts

The Play Company
Written by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

Directed by Erica Schmidt

Translated by Rachel Willson-Broyles

On the day after a car bombing, Amor walks through his city on an important errand. The city is crippled by fear. He's got his backpack and his cell phone. He wanders the streets, doing his best to blend in. He must not attract any suspicious glances. But what is normal? For 24 intense hours inside Amor's head, the lines between criminal and victim, and fantasy and reality become blurrier and blurrier. From the team of the Obie Award-winning Invasion!, their new production of I Call My Brother is a funny, frenzied showdown between our prejudices and paranoia.


March 11 - April 12

New Ohio and Purpleman Theatre Presents

By Paula Vogel
Directed by Marc Stuart Weitz


AND BABY MAKES SEVEN follows the story of Anna and Ruth, a lesbian couple who enlist their gay friend Peter to help them create a family. But are any of them ready for parenthood? Tensions rise as the three adults prepare for the imminent arrival of their baby-and matters are made all the more challenging by the persistence of the three imaginary children who already live with them. The lines between fantasy and reality, child and adult, love and madness crisscross through this hysterically funny and deeply touching comedy about what it means to be a family.


April 15 - April 20

New Ohio Theatre Hosts

The Box Collective


Script composed by Sara Fay George

Directed by Andrea Goldman and Julia Watt

In order to know love, we first have to destroy any idea we have about what love is.

116 is the story of a man, a woman and everything in-between. Trapped in purgatory where the endless game of chess is the only distraction, they are forced to face their scars, betrayals and vulnerabilities in order to move forward. Through a matrix of Shakespeare’s wit and words, they are both victims and predators facing six lifetimes of trauma in order to find freedom in the seventh. 116 speaks to the human essence and lays bare the truth that what we crave in our lives is intimacy and yet we hide ourselves at every turn.



April 28 - May 18

New Ohio Theatre Presents


Written and Created by Boo Killebrew, Geoffrey Decas O'Donnell, and Jordan Seavey

Directed by Lee Sunday Evans

Co-Created with Lee Sunday Evans and TJ Witham

Children of the 80's lead a family dig through three decades of humorous, painful, mundane and revelatory moments in their lives: baby-boomer parents, lovers, siblings and friends, all fighting to love each other amidst radically shifting notions of family, gender, and sexuality. Part dissection of the past, part love letter to the present -- a fast-paced, unsentimental memory play.



May 22 - June 14

New Ohio Theatre Presents

The Mad Ones

Created by The Mad Ones
Directed by Lila Neugebauer

The latest from the Drama Desk-nominated The Mad Ones: a lo-fi ode to the Kodachrome 1970s, rock and roll antics, and the mystical American Southwest. The Essential Straight & Narrow recalls a roadside layover in Pinos Altos, New Mexico, where passing the time becomes reliving the past. Between original country rock song, bouts of $10,000 Pyramid, and late night craft time, The Mad Ones turn out an intimate anthem about regret and reinvention.

Presentation of The Essential Straight & Narrow is funded, in part, by grants from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Essential Straight & Narrow is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, the Puffin Foundation, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Process Space Residency. The Essential Straight & Narrow was developed through the support of a SPACE on Ryder farm Residency and the Archive Residency.


New Ohio Theatre Presents


2014 is the 21st anniversary season of our OBIE Award-winning summer festival of new work.

Every summer we invite the most exciting downtown companies to present their latest projects in an environment of generosity, dialogue, and inspiration. ICE FACTORY is a place where artists can take risks, try out new ideas, and bring their projects to a new level.
Plays introduced in Ice Factory have gone on to garner Drama Desk nominations, OBIE Awards, Audience First Awards in Edinburgh, Off-Broadway productions, commercial runs, and national and international tours.
For the complete ICE FACTORY 2014 line-up, click here.



August 6 - 24

New Ohio Theatre Presents
XO Feminist Productions

Written and performed by Anna Fishbeyn
Directed by Scott Klavan

My Stubborn Tongue is a story about a girl who refuses to be defined by her ORIGINS: Russian in America, Jewish in Russia, poor little immigrant. The only way out is the English language and so begins a journey into the wild antics of the letter "u," the spit-firing enunciations of "th," and the unforeseen hazards of not knowing idioms. Experience the heartbreak and hilarity - the Russian version of what it means to be an American!

My Stubborn Tongue is a selection of United Solo Festival 2014


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