Jun 22-25


Written by Robert Saietta & Rebecca Hart

Directed by D.J. Mendel

Music & Lyrics by Rebecca Hart

Production Staff:

Lighting Design Jay Ryan

Scenic Design Andreea Mincic

Sound and Video Design D.J Mendel

Costume Design Julie Saltman

Stage Manager Amanda Michaels

Asst. Stage Manager Audrey Moyce

Producer Rusty Ring Thelin


David Bennett

Stephen Bradbury

Chelsea Crowe

Rebecca Hart

Tommy McGinn

Robert Saietta

Nomadic cult-rock performer Beth Prosser defied a death hit by lightning at age eighteen, leaving her with copious musical talent and a worsening neurological condition. Ten years later she's crossing the country on a non-stop tour she calls the Transient Luminous Event. But when a mysterious weather pattern strands her in her hometown, electrical sotrms ensue:inside and outside the human brain. Neuroscience that rocks!Based on a true story.

"Textured vocals, sticky melodies, and a band tha packs heat"

-TimeOut NY



Jun 29-Jul 2

The Pig

Untitled Theater Company

Written by Vaclav Havel

Directed by Henry Akona

Adapted for the stage by Vladimir Moravek

Translated by Edward Einhorn

Production Staff:

Choregraphy/ Asst. Producer Patrice Miller

Set Design Jane Stein

Lighting Design Jeff Nash

Asst. Director Joe Pikowski

Costume Design Carla Gant

Video Design Kate Feer and David Tennent

Stage Manager Elizabeth Irwin

Dramaturg Karen Lee Ott


Katherine Boynton

Elizabeth Figols Galarza

Andrew Goldsworth

John Gallop

Robert Honeywell

Michael Hopewell

Jenny Lee Mitchell

Phoebe Silva

Moira Stone

Terence Stone

Michael Whitney

Sandy York

Vaclav needs a pig for a party with his dissident friends. An american journalist arrives for an interview. The villagers have a pig to sell, but where is it? And why is everyone singing The Batered Bride? Food, drink, song, video, politics and celebration collide in the English language premiere of this theatrical-musical-technological-gastronomic extravaganza. Come hungry. Feast on pulled pork. Czech beer and live music.





July 6-9

Pontiac Firebird Variations

Aztec Economy

Written by Casey Wimpee

Directed by Matthew Hancock

Text by William Shakespeare, Variations Casey Wimpee

Production Staff:

Piano Cryin' Ryan Dorin

Violin Charles Yang

Marketing/ Voice Richard Karl Newman

Lights Jakes Platt

Asst. Lights Laura Chew

Video Sean Berman

Development KAri Giron

Logistics Michelle Kelleher

Actions Matthew Hancock


Zoe Metclafe-Klaw

Adam Laten Wilson

Isaac Byrne

Cole Wimpee

Christopher Baker

Will Neuman

Adam Belvo

Mikey Mason

A fractious New York crime family enlists six potential killers, pitting them against each other across a traffic jam of alternative realities. Filled with nagging consciences, dreams of murder, car shoptalk and 80s pop culture, this rewing-engine riff off Shakespeare's Richard III (Act I, Scene V only!) disassembles the origins of desire and murder in a fatal pileup of tragicomic proportions.






Jul 13-16
An Impending Sense Of Doom

Presented by the Subjective Theatre Company,
Ensemble created with Julia Holleman as lead writer
Directed by Jeffrey Whitted

Production Staff:

Set Designer Jane Stein

Costume Designer Dasha Martikainen

Lighting Designer Zach Murphy

Sound Designer Jeff Jowdy

Props Jane Stein

Composer Lucas Cantor

Stage Manager Blaire O'Leary

Board Op Mark Brinker


James Bentley

Bix Bettwy

Chongsi Chang

Valerie Feingold

Alix Fenhagen

Jason Grimste

Toby Levin

Stephanie Vella

Fears of economic collapse. Militia leaders living in storm-ravaged wastelands. Infiltrated utopias. Augmented reality games. This appropriated mash-up of pre/post apocalyptic genres wonders aloud: Why does "end-of-days" paranoia permeate our culture, and what makes the idea of Armageddon so damn attractive? Desconstructed fear and fanaticism leads to an appropriately denouement. (Or not.)

"The little engine that could!"
-John Patrick Shanle



July 20-23

Three Graces

Presented by Cafe Antarsia Ensemble & Immigrants' Theatre Project, libretto and lyrics by Ruth Margaff

Directed by Marcy Arlin

Production Staff:

Costume Desginer Irina Kruzhilina

Lighting Designer Christopher Weston

Projection Designer James Daher

Sound Designer Tito Ladd

Stage Manager Samantha Fremer

Associate Producer & Casting Director Ian Belton

Scenic Construction Phoenix Lee, Thijs Beuming

Production Intern Eoghan Quinn

Lead Draper Aileen Lowe

Drapers and Crafts Eric Bradley, Elias Charalambides, Valentina Charalambides, Talia Elinoff, Jong Kim, Jennifer Ming-Yu Wang

Music by Nikos Brisco


Ruth Margraff

Mariana Newhard

Newton Pittman

Nikos Brisco

Lucie Pohl

Tony Naumovski

Nadia Sepsenwol

An Iliad for modern Greece, in the lyric voice of a woman named Three Graces. In a swell of failed rebellion, forbidden lust, west and east, two blood brothers wrestle like devils int he night. A Cretan wife keens in lament, a trickster spins like a dervish in an ominous cucumber wind, and a henna girl refuses to dance. An operatic panorama inspired by Greek blues and Cretan rebel songs from the tables of a timeless tavern.























Jul 27-30

Sometimes In Prague

Created by Joshua William Gelb & Stephanie Johnstone,

Produced by Magic Futurebox & Rusty Ring Thelin

Production Staff:

Asst. Director Sophia Schrank

Stage Manager Tegan McDuffie

Visual Media Design Jean Ann Douglas

Sound Design Ryan Maeker

Lighting & Set Design Ben Kato

Costume Consultant Julie Saltman

Social Media Guru Dave McGee


Jess Almasy

Leah Goldstein

Chris Lind

Jenni Lawton

Danielle Sacks

A chance encounter between three Americans in a Czech pub ignites this hybrid theatrical event-a collision of video, rock music, and audience participation (including copious amounts of cake and champagne). Provocatively examines the tension between polyamorous and monogamous relationships, posing that perennial question: what is the most authentic way to love in our progressively shifting culture?










And for one season only we present in Studio C @ 3LD ....


Ice Cubes Banner




Jun 23-24

Commedia Dell'Artemisia

Stolen Chair Theatre Co.

Written by Kiran Rikhye

Directed by John Stancato

Production Staff:

Music Direction & Dramaturgy Emily Otto

Costumes Caroline Barnard & Max Elbaz

Set & Lightning David Bengali

Props Aviva Meyer

Combat Consultation Mike Yahn

Sound Design Zoe Cohen

Additional Commedia dell'Arte Consultation David Gochfeld

Production Asst. Rachel Joseph & Rashana Shabazz

A masked farce in rhyming couplets satirizing the rape trial of Italian female painter Artemisia Gentileschi.




Jun 30- Jul 1

Be Story Free

Inverse Theater

Written by Kirk Wood Bromley

Production Staff:

Video & Choregraphy LeahSchrager

Music & Audio John Gideon


Matt Oberg

Steve Bruns

Chris Thorn

Denice Kondik

Catherine Mc Nelis

Jordan Coughtry

Michael O'Brien

Luke Murphy

Leah Schrager

Josh Hartung

A "Story Addiction Destruction" Seminar based on the methods of Dr. Jip Syuzhet, in which scenes, speeches, shares, sights and sounds are used to free participants from primordial narrative infections.




Jul 7-8

The Love Letter You've Been Meaning To Write New York

Written & Directed by Jonathan Solari

A reawakening for the New Yorkers who've taken home for granted, an affirmation for the new arrivals, & an appeal to the fools who've left




Jul 14-15

Dead People

Created & Directed by EveryWhere Theatre Group

Fusing elements of surrealism, dance, horror and cinematic video, DEAD PEOPLE shows us the cruelty that emerges when reality starts to disintegrate online.



Jul 21-22

American's Indians

Sponsored by Nobody in association with het GEIT (Gent, Belgium)

Written by Matthieu Sys & Yahya Terrin

Created by the ensemble

Co-directed by Kevin Doyle

Production Staff:

Lighting Design Mike McGee

Choreography Ives Thuwis

Sound Engineer Peter Mills Weiss

Video Design Robert & Frank, Frank&Robert

Video Programming Mike McGree


Matthieu Sys

Boris Van Severen

Plotting the trajectory of an American asshole.



Jul 28-29

Will Sing

Ma-Yi Theater Co.

Written by Samantha Chanse, Carla Ching, Mia Chung, Michael Lew & Qui Nguyen

Directed by Ralph Peņa

An experiment in inappropriate singing.




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