July 7-10

Staying Afloat

Soho Think Tank

Written & Directed by Lenora Champagne

Production Staff:
Set Design Anna Anna Kiraly
Lighting Design Tyler Micoleau
Costume Design Liz Prince
Movement Consultant Stephanie Skura
Music and Sound Lisa Dove
Additional Sound Alexandra Wolitzer and Evan Bernardin
Stage Manager Evan Bernardin
Asst Stage Manager & Sound Board Op Alexandra Wolitzer
Asst Director Janina Santilla
Light Board Op Marcus Stewart
Master Electrician Nate Lemoine

Tricia Rodley
Gita Reddy
Kathryn Danielle

Sometime in the near future, two women and a polar bear find themselves trapped on a melting ice floe and strive to co-exist in a world of shrinking options. With birth, death, songs and movement. Developed with early support frome Voice & Vision, New Georges and Dixon Place.

Staying Afloat” parries the summer heat wave with the melancholy charm of a cooling drizzle… Lenora Champagne composes lovely speeches for her trio of actresses, and stages them in a pensive atmosphere that fits the subject matter… Though “Staying Afloat” is a play about grief-on the personal and global level-it warms your heart.”
-metromix new york

“It’s a meditation on displacement, on our attempts to control an ultimately uncontrollable environment, and our responsibilities to those who come after us… There is a real wisdom in this play, and immense imagination and stagecraft, none of which will surprise those familiar with this remarkable writer-director’s work.”




July 14-17

Wanderlust: a history of walking

Adapted & Directed by Matthew Earnest
From the book by Rebecca Solnit

Jonathan Ramos
Kevin S. Charnas
Adam Thatcher
Trae Hicks

Nicole Perrone

Pandora Robertson

This "dance-theater investigation" concerns the knee joint of Lucy, a three-million year-old hominid, as well as religion, philosophy, landscape, urban policy, anatomy, allegory and heartbreak.

“An extended meditation on human locomotion as it goes...It enables a delightful surprise ending.”
-New York Times

“The scenes weave in and out of each other with fluidity”
-Woman Around Town




July 21-24


Bug Company

Translated & Directed by Samuel Buggeln

From Moliere’s The Misanthrope

Production Staff:
Set Design Daniel Zimmerman
Costume Design Sarah Cubbage
Lighting Design Dans Maree Sheehan
Choreography Robin Carrigan
Original Dubstep Beats Subvader
Production Stage Manager Lily Perlmutter
Asst Stage Manager Amy Groeschel
Associate Producer/Asst Director Brittany Sager
Tech Direction Mark Bloom
General Management Hey, You know what? Productions INC

Noah Weisberg
Nick Dillenburg
John-Michael Marrs
Zoe Winters
Merritt Wever
Daniel Morgan Shelley
Colby Chambers
Aysan Ceik
Colbin Chambers

Lust. Betrayal. Air kisses. What happens when the Hater hates himself for faing in love? A speed-punk score with peculiar dance. A mise en scene for the glamorously debauched. An amphetamine fueled, post-postsimulacrum of the French classic. A comedy of manners for the rude.

“A kind of post-modern spin on the court of Louis XIV, with the foppish courtiers become fashionistas and the social jockeying translated into a modern set of power plays... Hater is thoroughly enjoyable and its style goes a long way.”

“Elements of Buggeln’s script do perfectly hit that spot of productive resonance between the periods... Hater is thoroughly enjoyable and its style goes a long way.”

“An entertaining night at the theater, full of eye candy, that reinterprets a fun tale”.




July 28-31

Nurses in England

Half Straddle

Written & Directed by Tina Satter

Music by Chris Giarmo

Production Staff:
Set Design Andreea Mincic
Lighting Design Zack Tinkelman
Costume Design Michael Deangelis
Asst Set Design Murphey Wilkins
Production Manager Nate Lemoine
Technical Director Aaron Treat
Stage Manager Eliza Laytner
Production Associate Wayne Petro
Sound Board Op Chinaza Uche
Light Board Op Evan Bernardin

Jess Barbagallo
Eliza Bent
Emily Davis
Erin Markey
Annie McNamara
Lena Moy-Borgen
Julia Sirna-Frest
Greg Zuccolo

Matt Bogdanow on Drums
Shane Chapman on Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
Chris Giarmo on Keyboards

Female head of surgery Dr. Shepherd has a broken down pick-up, a booze cruise fling that just re-surfaced and a nursing staff with attitude. Featuring soul-searing songs, cryptic medical-speak and the occasional Coors Light. Hearts are burial deep here. A hospital show re-configured as a live musical dramedy Half Straddle-style.

"Nurses in New England is a fun, irreverent, and clever actress-driven Grey's Anatomy soap opera cabaret musical."



"Most successful is the way in which playwright Tina Satter manages to create a smart, comic mirror of the medical show."




















August 4-7

Mission Drift


Directed by Rachel Chakvin
Music by Heather Christian
Lyrics by Heather Christian and the TEAM

Production Staff:
Set Design Nick Vaughan
Sound Design Matt Hubbs
Lighting Design Jake Heinrichs
Costume Design Brenda Abbandandolo
Technical Artist Tater
Rehearsal Assistants Paz Pardo & Ben Gullard

Jessica Almasy
Sasha Brown
Heather Christian
Jill Frutkin
B.C. Hastert
Libby King
Ian Lassiter
Kristen Claire Sieh

A pioneering journey west and east across the USA in search of an unbiased portrait of American Capitalism, told through cowboy ballet, piano yowls and people with bank accounts. The western frontier: from Roy Rodgers to Siegfried & Roy. Created in the blazing fever of a Las Vegas June, with early development support from Almeida Theatre (London).




August 11-14

Nostradamus Predicts the Death of Soho

Written & Directed by Robert Lyons

Production Staff:
Composer & Sound Design John Gideon
Stage Manager Julie Hurley
Costume Design Sydney Maresca
Light Design David Roy
Set Design Sarah Spearline
Sound Board Op Blaire O’Leary
Asst Stage Manager Francesca Nicol

Alan Benditt
Annie Scott
Clayton Dean Smith

A burning taxicab. A blind troubadour. A new roommate. Is this the end of the world? Or the beginning of something much worse? A minor lapse of courage triggers a breakdown of epic proportions as a young woman struggles with the realities (and unrealities) of New York City. With songs.


Last chance dance

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