Jul 8-11

A Wonderland

Anonymous Ensemble

Written & Directed by Eamonn Farrell

Production Staff:

Music William Antoniou

Sound Design Ken Travis

Lighting DesignLucrecia Briceno

Choreography David Scotchford


Cory Antiel

Kiebpoli Calnek

Liz Davito

Diana Egizi

Julie Foh

Josh Hoglund

Janelle Lannan

Matt Mager

Elisa Pupko

Kelly Shaffer

Jessica Weinstein

Meghan Williams

Dancers Theresa Coombe-Mannino, Simone De La Rue, JD Smith, Billy Tighe

Band Sasha Brown, Shoheen Owhady, Raky Sastri


Alice, a talented urban dreamer approaching middle age, is caught in a quagmire of diminishing potential, corporate insignificance and the mirage of celebrity. This is Lewis Carroll deconstructed by the mind of a modern, mature songstress on a journey of self-identity. A befeathered spectacle; a psychedelic, multimedia/music-fueled trip down the rabbit hole.

“A deconstruction of Lewis Caroll`s classic Alice in Wonderland, the show literally gives the story new legs and a vibrant new voice.”

–Curtain Up



Jul 15-18


Aztec Economy

Written by Casey Wimpee

Directed by Matthew Hancock

Production Staff :

Sound Ryan Doria

Lighting Jake Platt

Video Sean Berman


Adam Belvo

Michael Mason

Cole Wimpee

A shy comic illustrator in Queens quietly expresses his repressed aggression in an unpublished graphic novel, Lavaman, featuring the daily life of a retired volcano and an alcoholic tombstone. An evening of extreme recreation with his rock-and-roll roommate and his day-trader buddy cracks open his sweet façade with an eruption that incinerates everything in its path. A hardcore punk rock mini-epic of friendship, repression and brutality. With video animation.



Jul 22-25

Babes in Toyland

The Little Lord Fauntleroys

(In their own version of Victor Herbert's Musical Extravaganza Recession Spectacular - Live Onstage! - And totally inappropriate for children)

Directed by Michael Levinton & José Zayas.

Libretto based on Glen MacDonough's original script

Production Staff:

Musical Direction Rodney Pallanck with Kate Marvin

Sets Jason Simms

Costumes by Ásta Bennie Hostetter

Lights Chris Brown

Sound David Margolin Lawson

Stage Manager Teddy Nicholas

Choreography Sadrina Johnson, Johari Mayfield & Rodney Pallanck


Eliza Bent

Tonya Canada

David Greenspan

Sofia Jean Gomez

Megan Hill

John Kurzynowski

Michael Levinton

Rodney Pallanck

Sadrina Renee,

Julia Sirna-Frest

Laura von Holt

Becky Yamamoto

Recalls the Happy Days of childhood, for all who are facing the stern realities of life. What more could the mortal spirit desire? Featuring David Greenspan as the Master Toymaker, a cast of a hundred dozen and a live orchestra pianist.










Jul 29-Aug 1


International WOW

Conceived & Directed by Josh Fox
Created by the The International WOW

Production Staff:

Dramaturgy Heather Denyer
Lights Robert Lilly
Sound Julian Mesri
Costume Design Melissa Chambers
Stage Manager Eugene Ma
House Design Thomas McGuinn, Evan True, Doug Chapman, Josh Fox
Graphic Design Justin Neal
Costume Design Melissa Chambers

Featuring :
Drae Campbell

Maha Chehlaoui

Connie Hall

Gina Hirsch

Ikuko Ikari

Ravi Jain

Peter Lettre

Patrick McCaffrey

Alanna Medlock

Jason Quarles

Robert Saietta

Magin Schantz

Dario Tangelson

Deborah Wallace

A town destroyed by foreclosures, evictions and other calamities rebuilds itself from the ground up. Which raises the question: if you could build any kind of house, any kind of town, any kind of country, what would you build? And what kind of person would that process create? Featuring a five-piece bluegrass band, a 30-person ensemble and live onstage house building.





-TimeOut NY

"Astonishing tour-de-force"


"Ferocious Passion...Provocative!"

-The NY Times




Aug 5-8

Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant

Production Staff:

Production Manager Scooter Caster

Set Designer David M.Barber

Lightning Designer Jeanette Yew


Constance Abigail

Peters Character


Muffin St. Vergence Character Hanshake

Mrs. Robinson

Miss Goodi Two Shoes

Redman #2

Dr. Smith

Sue James


Lunch Lady

Johnny Hammersticks

Gather around banquet tables within the metaphorical walls of Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant, where the idea of art as food is made deliciously real. Experience this pioneering, ensemble-generated work, while enjoying a home-cooked five-course meal, carefully prepared and presented by geniuses of the avant-garde theater. The legendary Miss Conni Convergence and her devoted ensemble humbly bring you this highly anticipated twelfth iteration of the "Complete Works in Five Courses Series." With chilled gazpacho soup, summer salad and sandwiches, and a refreshing dessert of fresh berries and cream. Come hungry!


“This is not your grandma`s dinner theatre; it`s a professionally executed feast of frustrated avant garde ambition”


















Aug 12-15


Banana Bag & Bodice

Directed by Mallory Catlett

Production Staff :

Music Dave Malloy

Lighting Design Miranda K Hardy


Jason Craig

Jessica Jelliffe

Two brothers travel through the expansive galactic abyss, navigating their awkward fraternal bond and their love affairs with passing voices in the ether: haunting transmissions from "somewhere out there." Part Sci-Fi, part domestic drama, this claustrophobic container tale explores the loneliness of our inner thoughts and the magnitude of our personal orbits. With original text, music and an actual spaceship on stage!
















































































































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