Jul 9-12

Do Not Do This Ever Again

Written by Karinne Keithley

Directed by Maria Goyanes

Production Staff:

Producer Karina Mangu-Ward, Caleb Hammons

Design Jeff Larson, Eric Southern, Sara Smith, and Sara Walsh
Stage Manager Julie Rossman


Ivy Baldwin

Lawrence Cassella

Andrew Dinwiddie

Aimée Phelan-Deconinck

Ben Pelteson

Katy Pyle

Tricia Rodley

Jay Smith

In a landscape of lost love and modern loneliness, a company of strangers map a tentative journey towards just letting go. A guided tour of the memory palace. A theatrical/music composition, from simple counterpoint voices to freestanding opera. Indoor environmental theatre in four movements.




Jul 16-19


Soho Think Tank

Written & Conceived by Lenora Champagne
Directed by Lenora Champagne & Robert Lyons

Production Staff:
Lighting Stacey-J Marine
Sound Daniel Levy & Lisa Dove
Costumes & Curtain Liz Prince
Video Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
Stage Manager Nicole Marconi

Music Daniel Levi

Production Design Liz Prince

Amelie Lyons
Joanne Jacobson
Lenora Champagne

Lost traditions. Memory gaps. Lessons forgotten. Action and images shift in the mind of a woman with Alzheimer's, flickering from past to present, from her daughter's home to the nursing home. Who are we when we can't remember?  An intergenerational meditation on the fluid nature of identity and our national inability to remember history. With original music and video.



Jul 23-26


Undermain Theatre (TX)

A Rock Opera adapted by Bruce Dubose
Directed by Katherine Owen

Production Staff:
Associate Producer Suzanne Thomas

Costumes Designers Giva Taylor, Rhonda Gorman

Lightinning Steve Woods

Set Designer Robert Winn

Bruce DuBose

Newton Pittman

Shannon Kearns-Simmons

Stefanie Tovar

Ian Sinclair

Jonathan Brooks

Marjorie Hayes

Richard Rollin

Ashley Randall
BAND Kenny Withrow, Paul Semrad Alan Emert, Brave Combo

Songs by Neil Young adapted for the stage by The Ensemble

This song cycle, by legendary singer-songwriter Neil Young, has been compared to Thornton Wilder’s Our Town and Sherwood Anderson’s Winesberg Ohio as a portrait of the changing face of small town America.

Voted one of the best albums of 2003 by Rolling Stone Magazine.



Jul 30-Aug 2


El Gato Teatro

Written by Obie-winner Matthew Maher

Directed by Gabriella Barnstone

Production Staff:

Costume Design Oana Botez-ban

Lighting Design Garin Marschall

Set Design Paul Douglas Olmer

Sound Design Marcelo Anez
Original Music Norman Westberg


Steven Rattazzi

Gabriella Barnstone
Molly Lieber
Matt Oberg
Eleanor Smith
Carlton Ward

Heistman is stuck—inside the bank he is robbing with his henchmen, inside his own tortured head, and inside the feeling he can never have success or love. The cops have the joint surrounded, and have no answers. But the hostages do. Dog Day Afternoon meets The Unabomber Manifesto.  Dance/theater for visionaries, the weak at heart, and the pleasure-seekers alike.



Aug 6-9

Red-Haired Thomas

Written by Robert Lyons

Directed by Oliver Butler

Production Staff:
Amanda Rehbein
Mike Riggs
Sydney Maresca
Nathan Leigh
Mariana Carbonell

Danny Beiruti
Alan Benditt
Bill Coelius
Nicole Raphael
Danielle Skraastad

His daughter doesn’t need him. His wife might leave him. His newspaper vender might just kill him.

A gambler's darkly comic, spiraling descent into a paranoid mythology of power-point presentations and hostage videos.Can Thomas Jefferson save him? (With songs)



Aug 13-16

WMD (Just The Low Points)

Sponsored by Nobody

Written by The Ensemble

Directed by Kevin Doyle

A large-scale deconstruction of our culture's preoccupations. Incorporates elements of theatre, dance, film, music and installation art. 

Structured around the events of a single date (January 8, 2004), using found texts as a base to examine Americans' relationship with their media during wartime. 

A titanic attempt to rediscover the nation’s soul.

“A titanic attempt to rediscover the nation's soul incorporating theatre, dance, film, music and installation art.”




Aug 20-23

Victory At The Dirt Palace

The Riot Group

Written by Adriano Shaplin

Directed by Whit MacLaughlin

Production Staff:

Lights Maria Shaplin
Sound Adriano Shaplin


Paul Schnabel

Stephanie Viola

Drew Friedman

Adriano Shaplin

Rival father/daughter news anchors compete for ratings in a head-to-head prime-time showdown. Their vicious battle for supremacy becomes a national drama as sex scandals, terrorism, and dementia threaten their careers.

A wicked satire about heredity and corruption among media royalty. Faithlessly adapted from King Lear.

This New York debut is fresh off of heralded stops Edinburgh and London.


“Shaplin and his director Whit MacLaughlin obviously have a lot to say about the modern state of the press and media” -Nytheatre.com

“Slick… Ferocious… Mesmeric”

The Independent

“Twisted… Crude… Riveting”

Evening Standar"

“Smartly funny… terrific”

The Guardian


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