July 6-9


Sabooge Theatre

Written by Marilyn Stasio

Production Staff:

Production Design Simon Harding

Music & Sound Jeff Lorenz

Dramaturg & PSM J. Essery

Musicians J.Lorenz, P.Lettre


Attila Clemann

Patrick Costello

Kayla Fell

Adrienne Kapstein

Andrew Shaver

In 1993, a respectable Australian newspaper reported that a local 11-year old boasted fish gills. Sabooge Theatre imagines the story of this boy and follows a hard-shell fundamentalist preacher and an idealistic marine biologist who go to ideological war over the discovery of this boy who can breathe under water.


“Great impact”


“This cautionary tale about the dreadful coast to humanity when science and religion duke it out”.


“NY audiences will recognize the physical inventiveness, precise character studies, and found-object set designs that characterize a Jacques Lecoq Ecole trainee.”

-The NY Sun Weekend




July 13-16

The Position

Sponsored By Nobody

Written & Directed by Kevin Doyle

Production Staff:

Lighting Design Peter Hoerburger

PM Madeline Burns

Production Asst. P.Reed/G.Kirtland

Choreography Nicole Colbert

Set Design Sarah Martin


Paul Newport

Scott Miller

Chris Gentille

Sean O’Hagan

Jonny Cigar

Peter Moses

Calder Corey

Kevin Doyle’s play The Position is an absurdist tragicomedy about the alienation and despair of the modern urban worker.

“A large helping of Sartre, Kafka, and a similar dishes, finished off with a Twilight Zone sundae (…) big laughs (…), breaks the mold”.
-New York Times

“The rythms of ritual are captured to perfection by Doyle and his cast....An ode to empty capitalist conformity, ... a kind of surrealist political drama, (…) half-rage against the machine, … half far-out fantasy....Doyle is clearly a writer of talent and intelligence.”



July 20-23

Switch Triptych

The Riot Group

Written & Directed by Adriano Shaplin

Production Staff:

Sound Design Iver Findlay

Set Design Jim Findlay

Lighting Design William Cusick

Costumes Ellen Christie

Dramaturgy Nina Steiger

Technical Director William Cusick

Set Construction Matt Leabo


Stephanie Viola

Sarah Sandford

Drew Friedman

Paul Schnabel

Cassandra Friend




“The Riot Group has a gift for tense, language – driven theatre”

-New York Times

“The cohesion and fluidity of the ensemble is extraordinary”

-Village Voice




July 27-30


Favoured Nations Theatre

Book and Lyrics by Deborah Wallace

Directed by Leon Ingulsrud  Composed by Andy Gillis

Production Staff:

Choreography Elisabeth Motley

Set and Lighting Design Brian Scott

Stage Manager Temeshia Johnson

Costumes M. Schantz & D. Wallace

Choir Mistress Gina Hirsch

Dramaturge Emily Mendelsohn

Producing Associate Yvette Burgos



Akiko Aizawa

Victoria Chamberlin

Gina Murray Ginanino

Connie Hall

Gina Hirsch

Emily Mendelsohn

Magin Schantz

Mickey Solis

Thomas Westphal

Blake Williams

Catherine Yeager


Psche is nominally a musical about James Barry, a real-life 19th century doctor who treated lepers, rankled royalty, and was actually a woman in disguise. Deborah Wallace makes Barry less of a girl-power hero than a gifted outcast whose arrogant belief in her own genius leads her to upset convention.

“A delight”


“Elegant and devastating new musical”.

“The play abounds with bold, intoxicated choices that worked because of the ensemble’s commitment”.

-The NY Sun




Aug 3-6

Major Bang


How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Dirty Bomb

The Foundry Theatre

Written by Kirk Lynn

Directed by Paul Lazar

Dramaturged by M. Joseph

Production Staff:

Sets M. Casselli

Lights Z. Tinkelman

Costumes W. Meiling Yang

Sound R. V.Enriquez

Projections M. Ernst

State Manager Jill Beckman

Asst. Directors R. Saietta & P. McGregor


Steve Cuiffo

Maggie Hoffman

A cockamamie meditation on this new era of global (in)security, Major Bang springs from the contents of a backpack left on the subway, samples the Kubrick film, and mixes in a radioactive boy scout, an over-caffeinated dad, and a love affair doomed for disaster.

"Major Bang never shies away from how scared we actually are. Still, laughing at atrocity is this show's raison d’etre."

 -New York Sun

"This Foundry production is surely the happiest show to have been inspired by the horrors of 9/11."

-The New York Times
















Aug 10-13

In A Hall In The Palace Of Pyrrhus

Witness Relocation Company

Director/Choreographer Daniel Safer

Dance-theatre based on Racine’s Andromaque

Translator Kelina Gotman

Production Staff:

Associate Set Designer Angrette McCloskey

Lights Jay Ryan

Sound Tim Schellenbaum

Director of Operations Leigh Hurwitz

Designer Ruth Pongstaphone



Abbie Browde

Aubrey Chamberlin

Heather Christian

Sean Donovan

Emmitt C. George

Jennie Marytai Liu

Mike Mikos

Wil Petre

Laura Berlin Stinger

Randy Thompson

Lindsay Wolf

Silapin Thong-aran


“Raw physical intensity against a backdrop of grace and beauty”

-Bangkok Magazine




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