July 7-10

Expense Of Spirit

International WOW

Written & Directed by Josh Fox and Company

Production Staff:

Lights Charles Foster

Set Dave Esler

Technical Directors / Set Builders Daniel Ogrocki / Nick Jaeger

Sound Board Operator Hamilton Boardman


Deborah Wallace

Robert Saietta

Ikuko Ikari

Alanna Medlock

Petre Lettre

Will O’Hare

Nick Jaeger

Thomas Westphal

Zina Anaplioti

Paul Garcia

Ivan Goris

Lee Gundersheimer

Sauda Jackson

Sarah Nedwek

Erin Alexis Randolph

Nicholas Rincon

Pedro Rafael Rodriguez

Vlamyr Viscaya

Jessica Weinstein.

“The expense of spirit in a waste of shame/ Is lust in action…” Shakespeare, Sonnet 129



"...Very powerful..."
-New York Times



July 14-17

The Making of Eugenie Doe

Creation Production Company

Written & Directed by Susan Mosakowski

Production Staff:

Music Julia Wolfe

Lighting Design Pat Dignan

Sets Kerry Chipman

Costumes Dorothy Fennell

State Manager Sabrina Sand

Asst. Director Alondra Salinas

Production Electrician Jennifer McMahon


Bryant Bradshaw

Frank Deal

Fataah Dihaan

Monica Koskey

Eva Patton

A-men Rasheed

Michael Kevin

Amirh Vann

Science meets fiction: Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, Mary Shelley, and the first genetically engineered woman fight for survival against the rigid morality of nineteenth century Victorian England, and later, against the tyranny of twenty-first century corporate America.



July 21-24

The Franklin Thesis

Les Freres Corbusier

Written by Bradley Bazzle

Directed & Choreographed by Alex Timbers & Aaron Lemon-Strauss

Production Staff:

Scenic Design Juliet Chia

Lighting Design Jennifer Rogien

Costume Design Joe McGuire

Sound & Video Design Jenny Lynch

PSM Stephen Aleman

Graphic Design Paul Davis

Casting Caroline Duncan, Tony Smolenski

Original Design Sasie Sealy, and Matthew O’Neill


Boomie Aglietti

Gideon Banner

Jacob Grigolia-Rosenbaum

Scott Hoffer

Ryan Karels

Jesse Perez

Drew Seltzer

The Franklin Thesis embraces the bold argument that Benjamin Franklin was the Anti-Christ, created by a vengeful Satan-Alien being. With the help of modern dance, multimedia projections, and a giant mound of cocaine, the Founding Fathers recount the heretofore-untold horrors of the creation of our Union.




July 28-31


Reverie Productions

Written & Directed by John Clancy

Production Staff:

Sets Kelly Hanson

Costumes Michael Oberle

Lights Colin D. Young


Mike McShane

David Calvitto

Jody Lambert

Matt Oberg

Nancy Walsh

An over-the-top sendup and takedown of the base nature and naked ambition of world leaders. Power! Lust! Greed! All hail Fatboy, the monster within us all.



Aug 4-7

Doctor Tedrow's Last Breath

deep ellum ensemble

Written & Directed by Matthew Earnest

Production Staff:

Score/Music Direction J.Troski

Choreography Tina Fehlandt

Scene Design Scott Osborne

Lighting Design Severn Clay

Costume Design P.Johnson


Trae Hicks                           

Shawn Parr                           

Helen Pickett

Mark Farr

Jennifer Vega

Doctor’s Tedrow Last Breath was inspired by the hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas on September 8th 1900. With approximately 8000 people killed in one night, the “Great Storm” remains the worst natural disaster in US history. Though it is the first to be completed and shown, Doctor’s Tedrow’s Last Breath will be the second piece in deep ellum ensemble’s forthcoming trilogy about destruction and rebuilding: the nagging motif of Western Civilization.

“This group flies with a unique, vibrant blend of theatrical elements”. -Berliner Morgenpost

“Astounding grace and power”.

-The Dallas Morning News

“Theater fare par excellence”.

-The Sunday Tribune (Dublin)

“One of New York’s great companies”.

-Time Out New York




Aug 11-14

Tannhauser: The Play

Soho Think Tank

Written by Joseph Gallo

Directed by Frank Licato

Produced by Robert Lyons

An Adult-Content Adaptation of the Wagner Opera

Production Staff:

Choreography Sarah Weber

Asst Director Melissa Morris

Lights William Cusick

Sound John Bosch

Sets Liam O’Brien

Costumes Frank Ricci

Associate Producer Joey Cataldo

Video Design Eric Dunlap and Brad Swindell

Photography David Glackin and Dean Monogenis

Graphic Design Kent Wilkinson


Eric Walton

Ivy Risser

Glenn Cruz

Deana Barone

Bryant Bradshaw

Jennifer Laine Williams

Elke Rindfleisch

Lisa Matsuoka

Wanjiru Kamuyu

Tim Wilson

McGree O’Kelley

Caroline Copeland

The contradictions of Tannhauser’s present life (running a pornographic website) and his past, which consisted mainly of singing in a Karaoke bar and pining after his hometown sweetheart.

“Described as an adult-content adaptation of the Wagner opera, Gallo said he got the ide after studying opera plots during his wife’s involvement with the Metropolitan Ballet Company, which dances for.”

-The Jersey Journal



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