July 9-12

Mother's Littler Helper

Soho Think Tank


Written & Performed by Lenora Champagne

Directed by Robert Lyons


Production Staff:

Lighting Tyler Micoleau

Sets/Costumes Liz Prince

Sound Eric Shim

State Manager Amy Capomacchio

Press Publicity Outfitters

Running Crew Erinn Ruth, Connor Fay, Lu Green

A former Cajun-American Princess raises her daughter in a world fraught with post 9/11, pre-adolescent danger, with a little help from a 1950’s guide to sex ed.




“The piece achieves…wisdom and humor”

-Village Voice

"An incisive commentary on our times."

- Backstage



July 16-19

Conquest of the Universe

Salt Theatre

Written by Charles Ludlam

Directed by Emma Griffin

Production Staff:

Sets Katya Blumberg

Costumes David Zinn with Meredith Palin

Lights Mark Barton & Greg Emetaz assisted by Kelly Hannon

Dramaturge Joe E. Jeffreys

Song composed by Phil Kline

Choreographer Katherine Profeta

State Manager Megan Anne Bezdek

Asst. Director Josh Adler


Matthew Maher

Maria Striar

Bryan Safi

Franklin Hundley

Clayton Dean Smith

Gibson Frazier

Sarah K. Lippman

Rachel Shukert

Franklin Hundley

Aundré Chin

Suzi Takahaashi

Erin Andrea

Jenny Penny Curry

Joshua Dickens

Marylen Townley

Loren Fenton

Stacy Levine

Gregory Marcel

Lucia Rosales

Michael Schreiber

Carrie Tavris

Leann Williford

A blitzkrieg of a war play. Tamberlain, the President of Earth, and his wife Alice rape and pillage their way towards inter-planetary domination, bringing the galaxy to its knees. High camp and lowbrow brutality. Charles Ludlam's 1967 reimagining of Marlowe's epic masterpiece Tamburlaine.





July 23-26


Pig Iron Theatre

Created by Pig Iron

Directed by Dan Rothenberg

Production Staff:

Costume Designer Molly Hanisch

Ligting Designer Mark O'Maley

Set Designer Matt Saunders

Composer James Sugg


Nichole Canuso

Lee Etzold

Emmanuelle Delpech-Ramey

When a series of comic disasters imperil life on earth three unlikely heroines must race against time in order to save the world.





"Euphoric... a comic juggernaut!"

- Philadelphia Weekly

"From start to finish this show is a delight"

- The Philadelphia Inquirer



July 30 - Aug 2

The Myopia

The Foundry Theatre


Written & Performed by David Greenspan

Directed by Brian Mertes


A fantastical musing on dysfunctional families and the relationship of drama to life, The Myopia is an Escher painting in theatrical form.



"The verve and resilience of Greenspan's performance is appealing... The Myopia is good medicine."

 -The Village Voice



Aug 6-9

Western Unidad

Directed by Mahayana Landowne

Production Staff:

Music Direction Colin Fowler

Stage Manager Christine Lemme
Lighting Design Aaron Copp

Music Cast:

Bass Brian Coughlin

Drums Carter Hoodless

Guitar Kevin Callagher


Fawziyyah Abdullah

Jeff Bond

Andrei Clark

Nicholas Mongiaro-Cooper

Carolann Page

Yamille Penagos

Eduardo Rioseco

Wayne Schroded

Karim Sekou

Chris Vasquez

Josh Weidenmiller

Nine strangers find themselves stranded on the South Texas borderlands during the gas crisis of 1973 in a madcap road musical for the global age. As they roll along to a pop punk norteno meets 70’s funk score the question arises: is oil the blood that binds?




Aug 13-16


Adobe Theatre Co.

Written & Directed by Jeremy Dobrish

Production Staff:

Set Design by Beowulf Boritt

Lighting Design by Michael Gottlieb

Costume Design by Daniel Lawson

Sound Design by Jill BC DuBoff

Stage Manager by Megan Mitchell

Asst State Manager Kent LeVan

Asst Director Libby Sturrus

Asst Costume Design Tracy Christensen

Asst Set Designer Erin Fox


Arthur Aulisi

Amy Brienes

Paul Molnar

William Peden

Christy Meyer

Molly Renfroe

A man lies about his entire life to everyone he loves. He becomes so entangled in his web that he decides his only recourse is to kill his parents, his wife, and his children. Would they prefer the truth? Based on a true story.


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