July 11-14

Little Man

Soho Think Tank

Written by John Kaplan

Directed by Mark Schneider

Production Staff:

Costumes Deborah Caney

Set Tobin Ost

Lights Tyler Micoleau

Sound Matt Urban

PSM Christy Benanti

Asst Director Ushma Parikh


Joseph Barbarino

Renata Hinrichs

Paul Iacono

Jennifer Rives

Gameela Wright

It’s Westchester, 1970. Jack is an eleven years old kid raised by Loretta, his black maid in a white sea of trouble. LITTLE MAN is about children, race, class, pocketknives, Africa, oil, Mohammad Ali and love.





July 18-21

Blue Eyes Black Hair

Soho Think Tank

Adapted & Directed by Samuel Buggeln

From the novel by Marguerite Duras


Production Staff:

Original Music Miguel Frasconi

Lights Farley Whitfield

Costumes Julia Van Vliet

Stage Manager Sara Sahin


Mistelle Comeau

Bradley Griffith

Michael Mosley

The story of a married couple on vacation, where the man, who is closeted homosexual, falls in love with a man they briefly meet.

"Sam Buggeln's cerebral and darkly sexy Blue Eyes Black Hair"

-Time Out




July 25-28


Rattazzi Bros.

Created & Presented by Ratazzi Brothers

Production Staff:

Sound & Music James Rattazzi

Songs Phil Ochs

Lights Jason Marin

Crucifixion Image Sequence Amy Epstein

Voiceover segments Gaetana Rattazzi

Stage Manager Raphaele Andriuzzi


Francine Lobis

James Rattazzi

Steven Rattazzi

Merging elements from the ancient narrative of Cain & Abel to the life of 60’s radical singer/composer Phil Ochs, SWITCH explores notions of the spirit in the machine through story, song, video and sound landscapes.



Aug 1-4

Gentlemen Volunteers

Pig Iron Theatre

Created by Pig Iron

Directed by Dan Rothenberg

Text by Solveig Holum

Production Staff:

Sound Design James Sugg

Lighting Design Trey Lyford

Costume Design Lisa Leaverton


Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel

Emmanuelle Delpech

Cassandra Friend

James Sugg

Dito van Reigersberg

Playwright Solweig Holum’s story unfolds against the onset of World War I. Two American Red Cross volunteers meet two nurses—one French, one English—in France before going to the front. A narrative emerges slowly, as each character is introduced.


“Pig Iron is a master of visual theatre”

-The Scotsman

“Marvelous, 5 stars ”

-The Guardian (London)



Aug 8-11

Room tone

Elevator Repair Service

Created by Elevator Repair Service

Directed by John Collins & Steve Bodow


Production Staff:

Lighting John Collins

Sound Michael Kraskin

Set Heike Schuppelius

Choreography Katherine Profeta  & ERS

Costumes Colleen Werthmann

State Manager Joanna McFadden

Technical Director John Peruzzi

Tour Managed Kate Scelsa


Robert Cucuzza

Rinne Groff

Maggie McBrien

Katherine Profeta

Susie Sokol

Most (but not all) of the text for Room Tone comes from William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience (1902)





“A perfect conceit for a show dealing with the invisible presence of ghosts (or God) in everyday life”

-Time Out New York


“The ensemble, under the direction of John Collins and Steve Bodow, is in top form”

-Village Voice




“The effect is pretty close to sublime.”

-Washington Post



Aug 15-18

Moliere's Monster

Wax Factory Production

Conceived & Directed by Dion Doulis in collaboration with The Ensemble

Production Staff:

Costume Guiomar Giraldo

Lights Tyler Micoleau

Set Mikolaj Szoska

Sound Ivan Talijancic

State Manager Mikolaj Szoska

Installation Associate Sia Shahriari

Light Board Operator Allison Garskof

House Manager Luisa Bieri

Production Staff Susanne Thieb & Marie Drapier


Celine Bacque

Margaret Cino

James Garver

Erika Latta

Christian Ryser

Dario Tangelson

The texts, plot, incidents, situations, characters, and historical context which compose Moliere’s Monster were assembled from a wide variety sources, including : Dion Doulis/ The ensemble/ JBP Moliere/ Andre Breton/ Louis Jouvet/ Mikhail Bulgakov/ Frederick Brown/ Arianne Mnouchkine/ Arthur Rimbaud/ SC Burchell/ Jacques Copeau/ Charles Dullin/ JL Barrault.

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