July 5-8

Colonel of Fools

Written by Olivier Cadiot

Translated by Cole Swensen

Adaptated & Produced by Marion Schoevaert

Directed by Marion Schoevaert

Production Staff:

Video Director Irina Patkanian

Set Designer Kate Chumley

Light Designer Rebecca Makus

Costume Designer Jocelyn Worrall

Sound & Technical Director James Rattazzi

State Manager Elizabeth Nehls

Artist on demand Charles Morris

Asst. Director Marie Grillo

Closing animation Jarryd Lowder

Graphic Design Irina Patkanian

Production Assts. Julia Licht, James Shubert, Quentin Shoevaert

Video Operator James Rattazzi

Light Operaor Katie Piggott

Sound Operator Abbey Koening

Featuring :

Steven Rattazzi

A butler decides that he is a spy while serving dinner and desperately searches for an undercover ally among the guests. Is he a desilusional clown, a lonely man, or an over-trained professional?



July 12-15


Jane Comfort and Company

Direction by Jane Comfort

Production Staff:

Choreography Jane Comfort in collaboration with the Company

Book and Lyrics Carl Hancock Rux

Vocal Score Toshi Reagon

Instrumental Score DJ Spooky, with additional music by David Pleasant & Foosh

Dramaturgy Morgan Jenness

Costumes Liz Prince

Lighting Design David Ferri



Aleta Hayes


Julius Hollingsworth


Stephen Nunley


Cynthia Bueschel

Asphalt tells the story of Racine, an artist abandoned as a child, who walks out of his life and into the landscape of ritual hounting on the street of New York city. An aspiring DJ, he uses the element of jazz, classical and hip hop beats to transcend his urban reality and enter a world made right by music.

"Asphalt' is more avant garde than Broadway could ever hope to be."

-The Day

"It's a fascinating and gripping work."

-The Village Voice





July 19-22

What's the Matter

Directed & Choreographed by Daria Fain

Production Staff:

Music Drew Gardner & Gerry Hemingway

Set Design Siobhan Liddell

Lighting Design Lindsay Stefans

Text Robert Kocik excerpt from Fithathis

Costumes Daria Fain


Susannah Keebler

Willa Carroll

David Roe

Daria Fain

An ongoing investigation of the body.



July 26-29

Speak Low

(When you speak love)

Soho Think Tank

Letters by Kurt Weill & Lotte Lenya

Directed, Performed & Dramaturged by Graziella Rossi & Helmut Vogel

Production Staff:

Lighting Design Rebecca Makus

Lighting Operator Abby Koenig

Sound Operator Kate Piggott

He gave music to her voice, she gave a voice to his music. The intimate correspondences of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya. Sensual, idealistic, utterly romantic. An evening of love letters, piano, and exile.




Aug 2-5

Human Collision/Atomic Reaction

The Other Theatre

Directed by Stacey Christodoulou

Production Staff:

Set and Costume Design by Eo Sharp

Lighting Design David Perrault Ninacs

Sound Design Duncan Morgan

Film for original production Francine Clement

State Manager Christina Hidalgo

Technical Director Kirk Wight


Irene Alby

Jean Boilard

Philippe Ducros

Joseph Khaiata

Marina Lapina

Caroline Lavoie

Human Collision/Atomic Reaction asks the question: Do relationships between human beings follow the same laws as the interactions between elemental particles? Everyday
behavior becomes a metaphor for complex scientific theories in this play, inspired by the work of astro-physicist Stephen Hawking.



Aug 9-12


Undermain Theatre

By Lenora Champagne

Directed by Katherine Owens

Production Staff:

Design Happy Yancey 

Lighting Design Morgan Rowe-Morris 

Musical Director/Sound Bruce DuBose

Costumers Happy Yancey and Mattie O' Neal

Video Sequences Cameron Cobb, Nick Brisco, Bruce DuBose, Katherine Owens & Bart Wiess


Kateri Cale

Russell Pickering

Newton Pittman

Suzanne Thomas

A young Native American boy ignites the passions of a Quebecois family. Can he survive the family’s desperate needs and become their imperfect savior?

“Lenora Champagne’s play has the air of delicacy a respectful outsider might show toward others’ business.”

-The Dallas Morning News

“Its excellence acting is augmented with elegant lighting, hauting sound effects and minimal but powerful music.”

-The Dallas Morning News





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