July 7-10

Aijr. Fist

Written by Doorika

Directed by Erika Yeomans
Created collectively

Production Staff:

Artistic Director Erika Yeomans

Asst. Stage Director Arianna Pistilli

Lighting Habbah Groninger

Music Pierre Foldes


Rema Octocks

Rath Heet

Gwen Ide

Gleft Firebend

Aijr Fist is a vocal dance-band troupe (5 performers / 4mic stands) that processes elements of myth, dream, and Norwegian folklore, through an array of computers, video, and prosthetics, in a chaotic romp through the origins of community and our own mediated pursuit of pleasure.



July 14-17


Created, Directed & Choreographed by Christine Sang

Text by Ruth Margraff

Production Staff:

Lighting Tyler Micoleau

Projections Elaine McCarthy

Costumes Marope Vachlioti

Sound Consultant Juliana Fonda

Videographer Arthur Lewis

Butoh Instruction Dawn Saito


Susan Lynn Bragg

Ryan Carey

Christiane Esteves

Marina Calender

Antonio Cerezo

James Ferguson

Mariana Newhardt

They've done something to Katherine Hepburn's eyes to make her look more Asian as she watches China burn to the ground. CAVERNS ventures into Erotic Art's creative and spiritual impact on culture. Ambient music and striking visuals, from ancient pillow books of sexual poses to the voyeurism of modern technology.



July 21-24

West Pier

A STEPS Theater Production

Written by Bernard Marie Koltes

Directed by Marion Schoevaert

Translated by Marion Schoevaert & Theresa Weber

Production Staff:

Asst. Director Kate Chumley

Stage Manager & Art Julia Licht

Stage Designer Stefan Barbic

Light Designer Liza Williams

Asst. Light Designer Kathryn Scarpio

Choreographer Sduduzo Ka-Mbili

Make Up Artist Dor Lata

Costume Designer Jocelyn Worrall

Music Jarryd Lowder, Michele Portal

Sound Liberty Ellman

Sound Operator Bahar Dolen

Film & Video Irina Patkanian

Photography Charles Morris

Marketing Charles Rice-Gonzales

Graffiti TATS CRU, Inc.


Andre Barbic

Tamara Torres

Jim Curran

Ed Lipinski

Jeni Lee Saunders

Myke Bailey

Christopher Monroe

Vanessa Daniels

Frane's greatest post-modern playwright drops us in the middle of an abandoned warehouse as an elaborate business scheme unfolds: A Rolex for legal papers. A Jaguar for a new destiny. A distributor cap for a virgin. The right to leave for the right to die. If fate is blind, says Abad, death has an eye for a bargain.




July 28-31

Vortex du Plaisir

A play of knowledge

Written & Directed by Gordon Dahlquist

Production Staff:

Set Design Mark Worthington

Lighting Design Allen Hahn

Costume Design Lauren Cordes

Asst Director Tomi M. Tsunoda


Molly Powell


Joe Goodrich

John McAdams

Four strangers, personnaly depicted in a pornographic desck of 15th Century tarot cards, are draw together into a conspiracy of tattoos, pornography, dismemberment, murder, and ritualistic group sex. A sweet natured comedy.



Aug 4-7

Austin, Texas (Week)

Theatreless Theatre Corps

Directed by Josh Frank

Artistic Director Josh Frank

Lipstick Traces

Three Austin companies venture North to ply their wares. Rude Mechanicals`LIPSTICK TRACES, a collectively developed adaptation of Greil Marcus` landmark critical history. Kairos! Co.`s fast and furious sketch comedy terrorism promises to hold your perceptions hostage. And Theater Corps` SNOW DOME, where a world is simultaneously destroyed and rebuilt every time you blink your eyes.




Aug 11-14

A Fish Story

Adobe theatre co.

Created by Erin Quinn Purcell & Gregory Jackson

Strange things are happening in an old seaside community. Ships are disappearing. The fishing`s dried up. Could it be the mythical monster rumored to lurk in the surrounding waters? Or is something fishy going on? Salty characters and fantastic sea creatures, above and below water, in a “belly of the beast” adventure. Created by the team that brought you DUET! A Romantic Fable.






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