July 8-11

The Undeads

Soho Think Tank

Written by John Kaplan

Directed by Dennis Lee Delaney

Production Staff:

Set Design Bennet Averyt

Lighting Design Christopher Gorzelnik

Costume & Makeup Design Deborah Edelman

Stage Manager Missy Hall

Fight Director David DeBesse

Sound Design Dennis Lee Delaney

Technical Director Greg Rajczewski


Susan Rutledge

Shelley Delaney

David Andrew Macdonald

Brian Dykstra

Brandy Zarle

The Undeads are a wealthy Connecticut family who just can't stop killing each other. Mary, the redecorating widow, is a little confused when her husband shows up a year after his death and starts a cult. Then their unborn daughter shows up. Who is the dog-loving Dr Master behind this animation process? A dark comedy about blind love, revolution, and God.


“Father forgive us for what we must do. You forgive us, we’ll forgive you. We’ll forgive each other ‘til we both turn blue. Then we’ll whistle and go fishin’ in heaven.”

-John Prince





July 16-18


Soho Think Tank & HERE

Written by Lenora Champagne

Directed by Sabrina Peck

Presented in association with New Georges

Production Staff:

Music & Sound by Miki Navazio

Lights & Set by Lenore Doxsee

Asst. Director Tanya Krohn


Lenora Champage

Anna Kohler

Novella Nelson

Molly Powell

WANTS is a poetic meditation on desire, longing and fulfillment. Angela wishes for a child and finds a baby in the woods. Beth longs for intimacy, but escapes her cold, abusive relationship by hiding in Black Holes. Claire struggles with entropy; her house, her body, her dreams are all falling down around her.

“Elegant and painful”




July 23-25

The Breaking Light

Written by Sander Hicks

Directed by Richard Eoin Nash-Siedlecki

Production Staff:

Lights & Sets by Severn Clay

Costumes Robin I. Shane

Sound Jennifer Leong

Asst. Director Emily Bank

Slides Servern Clay & Heidi I. Nash-Siedlecki

Production Manager Anne F. Carlton

Asst. Producer Amily Bank

State Manager Kathy Karadza

Sound Board up Donna Stone

Asst. State Manager Bornwen Densmore

Slide Op Adam Gefvert

Set crew Evy Gildrie-Voyles


Paul Albe

Mark Byrne

Rosemarie Cepeda

Joyce Lee

Emme Shaw

Jay Snyder

James Urbaniak

A brash Director of Marketing champions a new candy designed to destroy bourgeois kitsch morality. In crisis, the GD Confectionery Execs search for a new motivational speaker, who turns out to be a Marxist. Will the factory workers create revolution from the husks of information society rhetoric?




July 30 - Aug 1

Child Of God

LVL Productions

Book & Lyrics by Joshua Furst

Music by Ryan McClead

Directed by Andrew J.Mellen

Production Staff:

Musical Direction George Fulginiti-Shakar

Arrangements George Fulginiti-Shakar & Ryan McClead

Set Design Sam Buggeln

Lighting Design Jason Sturm

Costume Design Christina Teneglia

Sound Design Chuck London,

State Manager Kimberley, Ann Berdy

Asst. State Manager David Sinclair


Christine Bruno

Elizabeth Cherry

Dustin Hagen

David J. Halt

Gary Lowery

John B. Ross

Matthew Sanders

Alli Steinberg

Lost in the glitter-rock Eighties, Mark Sorenson woke up to find himself involved with a fringe religious group with one eye on Armageddon. With music that ranges from a cappella choral pieces to gospel and straight-ahead rock and roll, CHILD OF GOD looks at cult phenomenon and the quest for spirituality.



Aug 6-8

Lonely Comet


Written by Linell Hanover

Directed by Tina Fallon

Production Staff:

Set & Lighting Design Eric Dyer

Sound Design Brian Bowles and Linell Hanover

State Manager Al Einstman

Asst. State Manager Donna Stone

Lighting Asst. / Light Board Operator Robert Schulzke

Music Barry Black and Lead Belly


Belinda Becker

Jonathan Woodward

Robert F. Cole

Sander Hicks

Rachel Benbow Murdy

A slapstick nocturne. An amnesiac detective is confronted by a guilty woman and the policeman who’s been tracking her. The Moon and The Comet, as witnesses and provocateurs, disrupt the interrogations and wistful confessions. A spare, magical vaudeville about three people seeking redemption in all the wrong places.



Aug 13-15


Written by Matthew Maher &

N. Bonnie Reese

Directed by N. Bonnie Reese


Production Staff:

Music Alex Alexander

Set Jim Larkin

Costumes Catharine Dill

Lights Dennis Menard

Stage Manager Mike W. Hraban


David Fitzgerald

Matthew Maher

Oz Phillips

Jennifer Rau

Monica Russell

Maaiker is an autistic woman carng for a farm in the years before WW II. Her grandson, Jethro is a high functioning autistic astronomer. Both are struggling to reconcile their own needs in the face of socially constructed definitions of human relationships. A sharply drawn contrast of two autistic characters.


“I cannot read your face right now. In my mind I am running through the cards I was shown as a child and none of those emotions seem to fit.”

-Jethro, scene 11



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