July 10-12

There's No Place Like Home

Written & Directed by Montana Lattin

Production Staff:

Set Designer Kennon Rotchild

Lighting Designer Alex Radocchia

Original Music J.S. Riker

Choreography Kate Glass & Hollond Schiller

Stage Manager / Sound Operator Rebecca Mercier

Board Operator Michele Paralac


Dorothy Susan Pari

Toto Jeff Smithson

Glinda Lina Domald

Ray Joe Petracek

The bartender Montana Lattin

Margaret Linda Donald

Bert Jon Michael Johnson

The owner Nicole Potter

Flying monkeys/waitresses Kate Glass, Hollond Schiller, Sonia Przybyla




"And you my dear, what an unexpected elpasure. It's so kind of you to visit me in y loneliness."

- The Wicked Witch of the West

MGM's The Wizard of Oz



July 17-19

Sealove, Manager

STT & Workshop production

Book, lyrics, and music by Sander Hicks

Directed by Richard Eoin Nash-Siedlecki

Production Staff:

Set by Dawn Robyn Petrlik

Lighting by Alexandra E. Radocchia

Costumes by Melissa Johnson

Stage management by Eryka Peskin

Light Board operated by Kathy Karadza

Photography by Heidi I. Nash-Siedlecki

Graphic design by Ryan McGinness




“A brilliant satire”

-John Chatterton



Daniel G.O’Brien

Emily Bank

Rebecca Nelson

Daniel Pardo

John Postley

Julie Wright

Jay Snyder


July 24-26

Investigation of an Image

STT & Workshop production

Directed by Jude Domski

Production Staff:

Dramaturgy by Celise Kalke

Sound Design by Peter Flint

Costume Design by Cory Lipiello

Project mentor Morgan Jenness

Technical Assistance Ben Clemens

Assist. director Robert Marko

Slide operator Maggie


Patricia A. Chilsen

Christopher Logan Healy

Nicolas Martin-Smith

Greta Schwerner

Corey Tazmania Steib

Jean Taylor



July 31 - Aug 2

P.R. Mann


Inspired by ‘Toxic Sludge is Good for You’ by John Sauber

Written & directed by Robert Lyons

Production Staff:

Lighting designer Alex Radocchia

Set Designer Matt Maraffi

Costume designer Missy Johnson

Sound Joshua Frank

SM Tacey Napoleone


Sean Runnette

Roberta Kastelic

Joe McKenna

Mitchell Riggs

Dave Mazzeo

Heather Ann Barclay

Lori Funk

Paul Witte