July 11-13

Duet! A Romantic Fable

adobe theatre co.

Conceived & Performed by Gregory Jackson & Erin Quinn Purcell

Production Staff:

Co-Direction Jeremy Dobrish

Music & Lyrics Michael Garin

Set Design Stephen Capone

Costume Design Daryl Stone

Lighting Design Paul Ziemer

Original songs Michael Garin

Sound Design Chris Todd


Quinn Purcell

Gregory Jackson

Frank Ensengberger

Derin Basden

Chris Klimkoski

Henry Caplan

Kathryn Langwell

Beau Ruland.



July 18-20

About Face & Monster

Pat Kauffman

Written by Pat Kaufman

Directed & Choreographed by Lisa Brailoff

Production Staff:

Lighting Design Scott Clyve

Flower man, Viola & Crew Maurice Villa-Lobos

State Manager Lillian Minnich

Asst. State Manager Jacquelive Noguera

Board Operator Ron P. Zappile


Denny Kovar McClure

Colleen Smith Wallnau

Rebekah Jacobs

Amy Uhl

Colleen Smith Wallnau

Wendy Scharfman



July 25-27

New York City Lights

Sweet Theatre Project

Created by the ensemble Linda Amayo, Dov Hassan, Cassidy Brown, Karen Wright with Roy Pertchik on vibes

Production Staff:

Sound Board Operator Lorenza Rebecca Chiaramonte

Lighting Designer Severn Clay


Linda Amayo             

Cassidy Brown

Dov Hassan

Karen Wright             

Roy Pertchik




Aug 1-3

Raging Women and One Bad Man

Fay Simpson Dance Theatre

Directed & Choregraphed by Fay Simpson

James Bosley text

Production Staff:

Lighting Designer

Aimee Schnieder

Costumes Tony Oedl

State Manager Jama Shelton

Executive Director

Lauren B. Cramer


Bill Torres

Jena Necrason          

Michelle Matlock

Leah Bosworth

Signe Grant

Karma Tiffany

Sonya Lazaravic

Lisa Dery



Aug 8-10

The Diary of a Scoundrel

Rich Crooks

Written by Alexander Ostrovsky

Directed by Rich Crooks

Production Staff:

State Manager Grip Robin Wolf     

Production Manager Nilija Gordon                           

Lighting Designer Ian Gordons


Tara Bahana – James

Terry Ann Bennett

Kathryn Chilson

Donna Desideri

John Di Benedetto

Matt Dill

Andrew Geha

Ian Gordons                           

Theo Polites

Robert Saietta

Katrina Tabori

Jake Torem

Scott Wasser  




Aug 15-17

Explosion of a Memory of a Revolution: The Task

From texts by Heiner Muller

Soho Think Tank

Adapted & Directed by Richard Eoin Nash-Siedlecki

Translated by Carl Weber

Production Staff:

Original Score composed by Wayne Frost

Choreography Christine Suarez

Set Design Dawn Robyn Petrlik

Costumes Olga Maslova

Lighting Design Alex Radocchia

State Manager Christopher Shinn

Sound Operator David Morgan Sollors

Graphics designed by Tom Hopkins & Heidi I. Nash-Siedlecki

Photographed by Heidi I. Nash-Siedlecki


Alicia Anne McMillen

Todd Van Voris

Sonja G.Moser

Montse Catala

Carolyn Jauch

Megan Johnson

Sarah Lindsey

Alicia Anne McMillen

Sonja G.Moser



Midori Nakamura

Megan Johnson

John Postley





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