July 6-8

Gutter Sparrow

Soho Think Tank

Written by Michael Ratomski

Directed by Robert Lyons

Production Staff:

Musical Dramaturgy Graziella Rossi

Musical consultants Helmut Vogel & Prof. Uwe p. Lohse

Co-Producer Alexander Souri

Lighting Design Alex Radocchia

Visual Consultant Siobhan Liddel

Prod SM Terry Fitzgerald

State Manager Marisa LoPrete

Hair and Make up Design Torin

Piano courtesy of Harlin Ross Pianos

Pianist Roberto Domeniconi


Graziella Rossi

“Charming torch-song monologue”

-New York Times

"If they did not look our eyes, there was no hope for them in our boudoirs"


July 13-15

Two Men Poised

adobe theatre co

Written by Jay Reiss

Directed by Lance Ball


July 20-22

Rich White Farmers

Hangdog Theater

Directed and Scored by Robert Cucuzza

Taken from a Harper’s Magazine Forum entitled ‘A Revolution, or Business as Usual?’ in the March 1995 issue.

Production Staff:

Dramaturgy Sally Eberhardt

Choreography Robert Cucuzza & Mike Rubens

Lighting Jennifer Tanzer

State Manager Alicia Cheng

Sound Jennifer Woodward


Mike Rubens             

David Yezzi

David Cote

Paul Kaup

Rik Nagel

James Urbaniak

Robert Cucuzza

“Everyone will find these Republicans horrifying and hilarious.”



July 27-29

Scenes of a Newark Boogie

Written & Directed by Bruce Faulk


Aug 3-5

The Cuttlefish

Illo Tempore

Written by Stanislav Ignacy Witkiewicz

Directed by Donald J. Jordan



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