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WATCH: Meet The Assembly, a Short Video
-TDF Stages

REVIEW: The Upper Room, by Rady&Bloom
-New York Times

Is This a Secret to Off-Off
Broadway Survival?
-TDF Stages

REVIEW: The Essential Straight & Narrow by The Mad Ones
-New York Times

IRT Theater/New Ohio Theatre Launches Residency Program

Archive Residency Companies

2017 - 2018
Built for Collapse

2016 - 2017
Our Voices

2015 - 2016
The Assembly
Blessed Unrest

2014 - 2015
The Vampire Cowboys

2013 - 2014
The Mad Ones

"To put it bluntly, successful downtown theatre wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for residencies like this."
- Joe Curnutte, The Mad Ones


TAKE WHAT IS YOURS, created by anecdota. New Ohio Theatre 2012. Photo courtesy of the artist.

We are excited to announce NYC-based performance ensembles Built for Collapse and anecdota as our Archive Residents for 2017-18. Built for Collapse and anecdota join current resident companies Piehole and Our Voices Theater, who presented the first stage of their residency works at Ice Factory 2016.

"A debt of graditude to Fae and Samuels for reminding us of the myriad possibilities available in the theatrical event, and for telling us the story of one woman whose efforts....should not be forgotten."
- New York Theatre Review on Take What Is Yours, by anecdota

RED WEDNESDAY, created by Built for Collapse. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Led by Artistic Director Sanaz Ghajar, Built for Collapse Built for Collapse builds multi-disciplinary work that challenges theatrical form, developing each project through a highly physical process inspired by found texts, visual art, and pop culture. They use their collective history (personal & cultural) to create a live collage of the world and a space of empathy and compassion for the future. They have developed works in New York with: BRIC Arts | Media House, Ars Nova, Three Legged Dog, HERE, Dixon Place, and New Ohio Theatre, among others. Internationally they have developed work in Prague, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, and Turkey. And this October, they will be featured in Prelude2016 at CUNY Grad Center.

Led by Erica Fae and Jill A. Samuels, anecdota is inspired by the (too) little-known (true) stories of women who dared to shape history. They are particularly close to our hearts as their production, Take What is Yours, about Alice Paul and the National Woman's Party, inaugurated the New Ohio Theater when we moved to Christopher Street. The show transferred off-Bway to 59E59 Theaters, where it was a Critics' Pick in The New York Times. Jill's interdisciplinary work has appeared at over sixty festivals, venues, and sites. Erica's feature film To Keep the Light is currently garnering critical praise on the indie film festival circuit.

"BODY is an evening of the beautifully unexpected. Not sensationalistic.
It 'is' sensational."

Jim Taylor, CBS Radio review of BODY: Anatomies of Being.
Blessed Unrest, New Ohio Theatre 2016.

I Will Look Forward to This Later
by The Assembly
(2015-16 Resident Company)

BODY: Anatomies of Being
by Blessed Unrest
(2015-16 Resident Company)

The Archive Residency is our ongoing development and presenting program, providing a two-year commitment of time, space, and support to select independent theatre companies. Each residency culminates in a world premiere of a new work. In partnership with IRT Theatre, our neighbors in the Archive Building, we provide independent theatre companies with that most elusive and invaluable resource: an artistic home.

In the first year we provide them with one month in IRT Theatre’s development space to investigate, workshop, and rehearse the work. We then present a simple but fully realized four performance run as part of the New Ohio’s OBIE Award-winning Ice Factory Festival. This invaluable opportunity allows the director, designers, and actors to evaluate and calibrate their progress in response to a paying audience. The second year includes another month of development at IRT, and finally a four week run of the World Premiere as part of our main-stage season, giving the company a professional downtown platform to present their work.

[The Essential Straight & Narrow] shoots straight at your heart. With excellent aim."
- Alexis Soloski, NY Times

Family Play (1979 to Present)
by CollaborationTown
(2013-14 Resident Company)

The Essential Straight & Narrow
by The Mad Ones
(2013-14 Resident Company)

The partnership between New Ohio and IRT that forms the Archive Residency helps further establish the West Village's Archive Building as one of the premier destinations for the development and presentation of NYC's best and brightest theatre makers.

The Archive Residency is by invitation only. The best way for us to get to know your work and for you to get to know our work is to be a part of IRT's 3B Development Series and/or New Ohio's Ice Factory and/or invite us to see productions of your work.

The Archive Residency is generously supported, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts; the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council; the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; and the Mental Insight Foundation.

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