About the NY Indie Theatre Film Festival

Now in its fourth year, the NY Indie Theatre Film Festival supports indie theatre artists defying labels and branching out into recorded media. The 2020 NYITFF runs Feb. 6-9.

The NYITFF is produced by New Ohio Theatre, a two-time Obie Award winning theatre that serves the vast independent theatre community of New York and the adventurous audiences who love them.

All screenings and events are at the New Ohio, 154 Christopher Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets.

Stay tuned for more details on screening times, panel topics, and our special Opening Night screening!

Friday - Sunday, February 7-9
2020 NYITFF Official Selections
  • A Quick Little Pow Wow
    co-wr. + co-dir. Ephraim Birney + Ryan Quigley
    World Premiere
    Two struggling YouTubers attempt to revise their social media strategies, but they are on vastly different pages.

  • A Weekend Away
    wr. + dir. Sam Cieri
    New York Premiere
    Two strangers accidentally book the same Air BnB while trying to escape their city lives and wind up finding an unlikely connection. A completely improvised film, both story and dialogue were created the day of filming.

  • Anyway
    dir. Alejandra Parody, comp. Elizabeth Phillipson-Weiner
    When a grotesque and powerful monster has taken up residence in a little girl's room, the whole town comes together to help her defeat it.

    Music Video
  • Believin'
    wr. Sharon Cooper, dir. Daryl Lathon
    A comedy about mourning.

  • Courtesan
    co-wr. + co-dir. Rachel Handler, co-prod. Melanie Waldman
    World Premiere
    Babe and Dude get tangled in a sloppy night of romantic longing and regret. A story about sexual and romantic exchange that prompts the question, What exactly did we agree on exchanging?

  • En Route (S. 1, Ep. 2)
    co-cr. Marc Stuart Weitz + Constance Zaytoun, dir. Rosalie Tenseth
    Petey & Bobby are NYC transplants doing deliveries for a Postmates-esque app. In this episode Petey does a favor for his friend Veronica while Bobby takes a day off.

  • It's Time for Tea
    dir. Dara Malina
    Following his daughter's death, a man regresses to the child's age in order to replace her, entering a world of his imagination and leaving his wife alone with her grief.

    Dark Comedy, Fantasy
  • Karma
    wr. Marlowe Holden, dir. Elyse Niblett
    Heartbroken from a romantic betrayal, Charlie pays a visit to the woman she stole her ex-girlfriend from in search of forgiveness and commiseration.

  • Ladies Lounge
    wr. + dir. Tyler Martin
    New York Premiere
    A woman flees a bad date only to be confronted by her doppelgangers in the ladies lounge. "Ladies Lounge" is a film about the roles women are offered, and how they must sometimes take their power back by any means necessary.

    Comedic Thriller
  • Love
    wr. + dir. Marissa Molnar
    World Premiere
    30 minutes before she leaves for her wedding, Claire is visited by her longtime on again, off again boyfriend Scott, and together they confront what might have been.

  • Love in NY (sel. from Season 2)
    co-cr. Matthew Russell + Sven Jähnert
    A rotating cast of characters search for love against the chaos of New York in this comedic series of 1-minute, episodic shorts.

  • My First Start
    cr. Molly Brenner, dir. Sarah Smallwood Parsons
    New York Premiere
    Set in modern day, NYC. A hopeful singer arrives to her temp job excited at the opportunity for a steady paycheck. She quickly learns that music possesses a unique way to stimulate old memories and remind her where her dream truly lies.

  • Next Level Shit
    wr. + dir. Eri Nox
    A perfectionist prepares obsessively for his big third date with Mr. Right, but his efforts backfire, sending the relationship spiraling into a whole new level of intimacy.

    Thriller, Comedy
  • Psycho Analysis
    co-cr. Matthew Russell + Sven Jähnert
    It's halloween night. David Jones, a young sociopath, doesnít show up for his psychotherapy session. Kids are trick or treating, and David has the urge to hand out candies.

  • SCRiBBLES (Ep. 1)
    wr. Dominic Finocchiaro, dir. Jenny Leigh Reed
    Larz, a struggling illustrator with a project deadline, pushes himself to the edge of sanity and has a much needed creative breakthrough, literally, as his drawing comes to life.

    Dark Comedy
  • Secret Feminism
    wr. + dir. Kana Hatakeyama
    Two feminists, Stella and Maggie, up to no good, sneak off to the woods to be "nasty women."

  • Solar
    wr. Theresa Gambacorta, dir. Natalie Johnson
    A short film about a gang of guys who try to take solar power away from a couple of gals.

    Action, Sci/Fi
  • Stage Left: "University Settlement" (S. 1, Ep. 4)
    wr. + dir. Grace Palmer
    World Premiere
    This episode of Stage Left explores the issue of creative space and artist development in New York City, through the lens of the University Settlement's Performance Project, the oldest settlement house in the Lower East Side.

    Documentary, Web Series
  • Stuck
    wr. Valerie Work, dir. George Gross
    Two women get stuck in the bathroom at a party and are forced to reconcile their feelings for one another. Can being brave enough to speak your truth lead to a happy ending?

  • The Blue Marble (Pilot)
    wr. + dir. Jenny Grace
    At the Universal Soul Assignment office a soul named Charlie struggles to unravel the red tape which has prevented him from fulfilling his destiny since the Big Bang.

    Comedy, Sci/Fi
  • The Drop Off
    wr. + dir. Greg Emetaz
    New York Premiere
    Follow worn-out NYC actress Tori Feldman as she decides to try her luck deep in the drop off pile at an Equity Principal Audition.

  • The Lady From Long Island City
    wr. Nikhil Mahapatra + dir. India Marie Paul
    New York Premier
    Two women walk into a bar. One walks out.

    Dark Comedy
  • The Nude Model
    wr. + dir. Jay Stern
    A peaceful morning of art-making turns into a highly inappropriate roundtable discussion of epic proportions as three male artists let their mouths run amuck in front of their unsuspecting female model.

  • The Rehearsal
    co-dir. Derya Celikkol + Sarah Leriche
    World Premiere
    Set in the New York theatre world, a woman's role in an Off-Broadway play becomes strangely interconnected with her personal life.

  • The Shallow End
    dir. Cheryl Nichols
    New York Premiere
    Basking in the sunny glow of Reagan's America, a group of vulnerable, swimsuit-clad teenaged girls jockey for power at a community swimming pool during the summer of 1984.

  • The Taxidermist
    dir. Dionna McMillian
    Claire, a woman taxidermist, grieves her recent, late-term miscarriage.

  • The Vanished
    wr. Sharon Cooper, dir. Daryl Lathon
    New York Premiere
    Inception meets Groundhog Day as Alice's friends begin to disappear and she must choose between constantly reliving the same nightmare, or vanishing into the unknown.

  • Under the Weather (Pilot)
    wr. + dir. Derek Ahonen
    Miriam is seduced by two sexy strangers who have conflicting theories of how to survive the climate crisis. She totally hates being hot. She totally loves her stuff. What do we do?

    Dark Comedy
  • When The Night Rolls In
    anim. + dir. Amanda Quaid, based on a poem by Peggy Pope
    New York Premiere
    A grieving widower struggles to celebrate the release of his debut novel along with his best friends, but finds himself drawn increasingly to a darkness just beyond the edge of what he can see.