Tuesday, January 17 OPENING NIGHT
7 PM: To Keep The Light. 2016. Dir. Erica Fae
Inspired by true stories, a lighthouse keeper's wife struggles with her work - and her sanity - as she cares for her sick husband in 19th Century Maine. When a stranger washes up on shore, secrets buried in deep waters come to light, and she is forced to confront both her past and her future.
"... a gripping portrait... wonderfully mysterious... Fae's Abbie is an entrancing blend of delicacy and strength, and the cinematography is just stunning." -Santa Fe New Mexican
Running time: 88 min
9 PM: Opening Night Party + Film Race START!
Join us to celebrate the start of the festival and get an early start on the new year by kicking your creative juices into high gear!

Ever wanted content to enter a film festival? Want to create a Facebook video that "goes viral"? Just want to have a reason to make something? The New Ohio and F*It Club are challenging YOU to make the best short film you can - in 3 days.

Register a team for $20, and we'll give you a theme and required script elements. You can register at the party or online. Finished films are due on Friday by 9 pm. We'll gather at the closing party on Saturday to watch the entries and crown a winner! The winning prize is a ONE HOUR OPEN BAR (beer and wine) at The Chester! Proceeds benefit F*It Club's programming for 2017. More details here.
Wednesday, January 18
7 PM: Shorts Program #1
To Utter Such Cries, dir. Jenny Seastone (Art Film. 18:30)
Between loss and disappearance, identity.
I am A Great Big Ball Of Sadness and I Want To Throw Myself From Your Roof, dir. Chris Tyler (Drama. 9:16)
Cocktail party banter gets real or does it?
Place Stamp Here, dir. Joshua William Gelb (Comedy. 6:10)
He tries to mail a letter; tries to fall in love; tries to pull off a fully denim outfit.
Webseries: The Webseries, prod. Allyson Morgan (Comedy. Episodes 1-3)
A group of actors gather to make a webseries. Their biggest obstacle? Themselves.
Building America in Bethlehem, dir. Anisa George (Documentary)
Building America in Bethlehem is a documentary that follows the conversion of one of the largest steel factories in the world into a casino-entertainment center, and depicts a dystopian portrait of a post-industrial American city.
Running time: 43 min
9 PM: The TEAM Makes A Play. 2013. Dir. Paulette Douglas
Set against the backdrop of the worst financial crisis since the Depression, this documentary captures the TEAM — internationally acclaimed Brooklyn-based theatre ensemble — fighting to keep their company afloat while caught in the midst of creating Mission Drift, their critically acclaimed musical epic about American Capitalism.
"the creative process at its most raw...an unprecedented view" -Broadway Baby
"inspiring and magical" -La Critica Film Magazine
Running time: 92 min
Thursday, January 19
7 PM: Shorts Program #2
City Stars, dir. Jessica Afton (Drama. 10 min)
Lexie's encounter with a strangely familiar woman reignites her life after a tragic loss.
Dropped Bars, co-dir. Marcus Lorenzo (Drama. 12:20)
Inspired by a true story. A young musical artist struggles to pursue his dreams.
36.5 / a durational performance with the sea, dir. Sarah Cameron Sunde (Video Art. 3 episodes)
A time-based project spanning years and continents: Sunde stands in a tidal area for a full cycle, usually 12-13 hours, as water engulfs her body and then reveals it again.
Henry + The Trains, dir. Adrienne Campbell-Holt (Drama. 7:49)
An intimate portrait of a day in the life of Henry, a ten year-old boy in New York City.
Those People, dir. Tasha Gordon-Solomon (Drama. 16:04)
A pregnant couple wrestles with the morality of bringing a kid into a world increasingly beset by bad news.
Disposophobia, dir. Jon Ecklund (Drama/Horror)
A homeless woman and her concerned mother are reunited in this 'Twilight Zone'-influenced short film in which truth, reality and the very nature of mental illness are called into question - with tragic results.
"I was prepared for a horror story, but wasn’t quite ready for the hard truth of this short film." -Clive Barker Podcast
Running time: 18 min
9 PM: Standing By: Gatz Backstage. 2014. Dir. Shaun Irons
Preceded by several short filmic interludes extracted from WHY WHY ALWAYS, Irons’ latest live cine-performance which will premiere at Abrons, fall 2017.
Standing By is an impressionistic and poetic documentary focusing on backstage life during 'Gatz', an epic stage rendition of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, created by renowned New York theater company Elevator Repair Service (ERS), in which the entirety of Fitzgerald's novel is voiced and enacted onstage.
"A rich and incisive film" -The Village Voice
Running time: 79 min
Friday, January 20
7 PM: Shorts Program #3
Names of Women, dir. Poppy Liu(Documentary/Art/Activism. 12:00)
A short film based on a true abortion story. This is not a film about abortion. Our mission is to use this story as a lighthouse for women to find solidarity and share their stories in community with one another. View the trailer
The Jump, dir. Jamal Hodge (Drama. 7 min)
After an encounter with bullies at a pool, a boy needs one brave act to re-find a lost magic within.
Crawling Toward Bethlehem, dir. Carroll Simmons (Documentary. 5:48)
On the eve of the presidential election, art collective Carroll Simmons gathers in Toronto and contemplates life after New York City.
The Great Black Way, created by Nikko Kimzin and NaTonia Monét (Comedy. Four episodes)
Two Minute Comedic Shorts to Uplift the Theater Community.
All About You, dir. Anisa George (Music Video. 2:51)
A spangly new music video from the Philly-based clown-funk band Red40 & The Last Groovement, and their killer new album "She's Keen to Feed".
Selections from Acting Stranger, dir. Andrew Schneider (4 segments. Length varies.)
I write very short scenes. We act them together, a complete stranger and I, having never rehearsed discussed, or met. These scenes are filmed as documentation.

9 PM: Shortbus. 2006. Dir. John Cameron Mitchell
Lost your ticket to the inauguration? Spend some time with us! Male and female, straight and gay, the characters find one another – and eventually find themselves – when they all converge at a weekly underground salon called "Shortbus," a mad world of art, music, politics, and polysexual carnality. A fable of an already almost-bygone New York when it was made over 10 years ago, has the vibe been totally lost for good? Or has the underground been so mainstreamed, it's passé?
"Yes, viewers who aren't used to seeing men ejaculate all over each other or extended scenes of cunnilingus may start squirming in their seats, but Mitchell's group-therapy vibe diffuses the fact that you're watching people actually have sex. He's made a template for feel-good near-porn." -Rolling Stone
"Few arthouse directors have put real sex to such narratively constructive and credibly, humorously human use." -Time Out
Running time: 101 min
Saturday, January 21
7 PM: Shorts Program #4
Vinyl Underground, dirs. Nick Ronan and Carlos Ibarra (Psychological Thriller. 7:49)
A homicide detective confides a recurring dream to his new therapist.
Son Of A + Honor Killing, The Violets
I Like It Better When You Do It, dir. Michelle Sutherland (Psycho-Spiritual. 7:25)
The mountain and the wind meet. Three of cups enter. A man rides a chariot. Nine swords pierce his psyche. A queen is born.
He Looks and Looks, dir. Jenny Grace Makholm (Drama. 6:14)
Minutes after taking Misoprostol, a woman asks a photographer to record the termination of her pregnancy.
Walking Along, dir. Jeremy Bloom (Memory. 5:00)
A collection of memories, a collection of moments: do you remember the things I forgot?
Miami Vice, dir. Tommy Smith (Comedy. 3:00)
Two stoners are visited by a police chief without realizing they are taking part in a cross-dimensional reality loop.
Excerpt from Screamers (working title), dir. Brian Rogers (Horror. 8:30)
Rogers' first feature film is one half of a larger project that will premiere at PS 122 later this fall
Unicornland, dir. Nick Leavens (Webseries. Episodes 1-2. Special Advance Screening.)
After her divorce, Annie decides to date couples to learn how to love again. Over drinks, at dinner, in bed.

9 PM: Closing Night Party + Film Race END!
Join us as we celebrate the close of the first annual NY Indie Film Festival!

We'll start by watching the entries in the Film Race that commenced on Tuesday night. A ticket is needed for the screenings, and the party will follow after. A complimentary drink is included with your ticket. Proceeds to benefit F*It Club's programming in 2017.

No ticket is needed only to attend the party.

Did we mention that first prize in the Film Race is a ONE HOUR OPEN BAR (beer and wine) at The Chester?? Register for the Film Race here!