The One Minute Play Festival and New Ohio Theatre present


FEB 17 - 19, 2015

All shows at 8 PM
All tickets $20

The One Minute Play Festival and the New Ohio have created a dynamic partnership for The 1st New York City Indie Theatre One Minute Play Festival - with part of the proceeds to benefit Indie Theatre Now, and the New Ohio’s new play and artist residency programming.

The New York City Indie Theatre One Minute Play Festival consists of 80 new one minute plays by 50 established and emerging playwrights who identify as part of the downtown or indie theatre community, prompted by #1MPF’s unique playmaking process.

Featuring Brand New One Minute Plays by: Melisa Annis, Robert Attenweiler, Micheline Auger, Jaclyn Backhaus, Chad Beckim, Kari Bentley-Quinn, Susan Bernfield, Zack Calhoon, Nat Cassidy, Joe Curnutte, Stephanie Fleischmann, Cara Francis, Kevin R. Free, Matt Freeman, Benjamin Gassman, Joseph Gallo, Morgan Gould, Chris Harcum, David Hilder, Chisa Hutchinson, Rachael Jenison, Lindsay Joy, Stephen Kaplan, Josh Koenigsberg, David Lawson, Judith Leora, Jessica Luck, Robert Lyons, Mariah MacCarthy, Ellen Maddow, Jeni Mahoney, Allyson Morgan, Teddy Nicholas, Diana Oh, Brian Parks, Duncan Pflaster, Kristina Poe, Michael Puzzo, Isaac Rathbone, Daniel Reitz, Mac Rogers, Tamara Rose, Jan Rosenberg, Robin Rothstein, Sarah Shaefer, Adam Szymkowicz, Jona Tarlin, & Richard Toth

Directed by: Mark Armstrong, Michole Biancosino, Pete Boisvert, Christopher Diercksen, Heidi Handelsman, Kel Haney, Ana Margineanu, Kyle Metzger, Catherine Miller, Aimee Todoroff, Leta Tremblay, & Marc Stuart Weitz

Curated by: Dominic D’Andrea

The One ­Minute Play Festival (#1MPF), founded by Producing Artistic Director Dominic D’Andrea, is America’s largest and longest running short form theatre company in the country. #1MPF is barometer project, which investigates the zeitgeist of different communities through dialogue and consensus building sessions and a performance of many moments. #1MPF works in partnership with theatres sharing playwright or community-specific missions across the country. #1MPF creates locally sourced playwright-focused community events, with the goal of promoting the spirit of radical inclusion by representing local cultures of playwrights of different age, gender, race, cultures, and points of career. The work attempts to reflect the theatrical landscape of local artistic communities by creating a dialogue between the collective conscious and the individual voice.

For more information visit: oneminuteplayfestival.com
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